Review - Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1Comic Reviews 

Review – Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1

Review - Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1
Cover Art

Review – Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1

Writers – Kurt Busiek

Artist – Carlos Pacheco

Inker – Jose Rafael Fonteriz

Colourist – Jose Villarrubia

Letterer & Design – Tyler Smith & Jimmy Betancourt

Publisher – Image Comics

Release Date – 19 January 2022

Variant Covers – Dave Johnson, Howard Chaykin, J.G. Jones


The new KURT BUSIEK era at Image begins here, as he and superstar artist CARLOS PACHECO (Fantastic Four, Avengers Forever, Final Crisis, X-Men, Superman) bring you the much-anticipated return of ARROWSMITH! It’s World War I—but a war of wizards and dragons as much as bullets and barbed wire. Young airman Fletcher Arrowsmith plunges back into the heat of war—and finds himself behind enemy lines, facing a threat that could doom the Allied Powers.

The first issue in a new ARROWSMITH-universe miniseries! And don’t miss the remastered hardcover of the original series in February!


Kurt Busiek is an absolute powerhouse in the world of comic books. And it has been nearly two decades since he first premiered what was then a six issue mini-series titled ‘Arrowsmith’. Fast forward to 2022. And he’s brought Fletcher Arrowsmith to Image Comics. The story continues with the Allied war against Prussia and Busiek masterfully takes you on a journey from page to page. He captures the imagination in a way that you lose yourself wholeheartedly in the book. And given the interesting finale, this is one title that I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue for.


The artwork in this book really captures the imagination and was definitely a standout for me. And when you have an artist like Carlos Pacheco who has worked on major titles for both Marvel and DC, then you know you are in for a treat. His level of detail really is fantastic. But let’s not forget the rest of the art team. Inker Jose Rafael Fonteriz and Colourist Jose Villarrubia combine with Pacheco to great effect. And the finished article is really easy on the eye as you traverse from panel to panel. But this is helped further by Tyler Smith and Jimmy Betancourt, in charge of lettering and design respectively.


I picked this book up without reading any previous Arrowsmith books and must admit, I was slightly perplexed as to the backstory. But this did not detract from my enjoyment of the book in the slightest. It’s a fascinating take on an alternate history and the Great War. And add into that magic, dragons and mythical beings and this a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline from Kurt Busiek and will be looking to pick up the back issues so that I can explore this series more. Fans of adventure, magic and alternate universes will thoroughly enjoy this title.

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