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Review – Geiger #5

Review - Geiger #5

Review – Geiger #5

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary FrankBrad Anderson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 4th August 2021

Variant Covers: Brad Anderson, Paul Pelletier, Jerry Ordway

Issue 5

Allies… or a different kind of enemy? Geiger’s quest to find sanctuary takes him deep inside a remnant of the old world and face to face with the desperate survivors within. When a heartbreaking discovery puts them at odds with Geiger, an ancient warrior is awakened with one mission: bring down Geiger, dead or alive!

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Writer: Geoff Johns

After the Mad Max scenes from the past issue, John’s settles us down for a good old fashioned bad guts disguised as the good guys’ story. The kids have finally made it to NORAD and the remainder of the US Government is very pleased to get their hands back on the nuclear football. Capturing Gieger and Barney, they take them back to their base.

Meanwhile, the King is hot on their trail, torturing the scabs to find out information, even though they can’t talk. Back at the bunker, all is well, the kids get washed, closed and show how kids can learn and play there, something alien to them. Poor Henry is diagnosed with early-stage leukaemia but the bunker folk will humanely kill him, so that’s OK?

The medical staff are trying to work out how Tariq has survived the fallout and decide to remove his dampening rods, not a good idea. Geiger is back and pissed, but on the best note of the issue, he finally finds a new book to read.

John’s having lots of fun with this issue without major plot development, but it’s all a setup for the massive finale issue next month.

Artist: Gary Frank, Brad Anderson

This is a much more muted issue for Frank and Anderson, it’s only in the last few pages that we get an explosion of their signature radioactive green. It’s still sterling work, building on the familial need that Tariq lost when his own died.

The facial expressions alone are a tour de force, each character conveys the needed emotions without pantomiming them too much.

Overall Thoughts

This issue is used as a slow burn plot device to get all the chess pieces in the right places for the finale in four weeks, but that is not a criticism. Many issues leave hanging plots but Johns and the team have created a simple but very effective universe here. The small touches like finally allowing Tariq to find a new book are perfect, but a small evil bit of me wants him to lose the book next issue to add a bit of schadenfreude for the readers.

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T'was a cold dark night in East Kilbride... and below the roundabouts, something old and ancient began to shudder awake. The world would rue the day that it gave the Green Jaguar comics to read!

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