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Review – Killtopia #3

Review - Killtopia #3

Review – Killtopia #3

Creator/Writer – Dave Cook

Artist – Clark Bint

Colours – NL Ashworth

Letters – Micah Myers

Publisher – BHP Comics

Release Date – Out Now


Killtopia takes you to neon-soaked future Japan, a high-tech metropolis overrun by killer mecha, ruthless yakuza gangs and cutthroat soldiers of fortune. Enter Shinji, a rookie mech hunter and his robot sidekick Crash, as they fight to cure a deadly nano-disease.

I first stumbled across Killtopia when I attended a Comic Con in Glasgow (what feels like a lifetime ago!). I got talking to writer/creator Dave Cook and enjoyed how he enthusiastically talked about his books. And on his stall he had a life-size prop of character Stiletto’s Gun. Who doesn’t love a good prop? I picked up Issues #1 & #2 and when I learned that the KS for issue #3 had launched, I instantly jumped aboard. When it published and landed on my doorstep, I was eager to dive in.


For fans of Cyberpunk, look no further. Killtopia is like Akira meets Chappie meets Blade Runner meets Ghost in the Shell. If you haven’t read any of the other books, you will be left confused as to what is going on. So I suggest picking them up before starting this one. In the third instalment of this 5 part series, we carry on from last issue’s exciting cliff-hanger and see what fate has befallen Stilleto. Will Shinji and Crash be able to cure Omi of the deadly nano-disease? There are various storylines which intertwine throughout the course of the book. And each of them enthral in equal measure. Dave Cook’s storytelling keeps you entertained from start to finish. And after my first readthrough, I found myself starting the book all over again.


Clark Bint has taken over from Craig Paton, and the artwork feels a lot sharper and more complete. The detail on the characters certainly looks and feels more polished. The colouring by NL Ashworth is so bright and vivid, it feels like being slapped in the face with a rainbow. It pairs beautifully with Cook’s writing and Micah Myer’s lettering carries you from page to page with complete ease. Not to detract from the previous issues but this feels like a more well rounded book.


Another great instalment to the ongoing Killtopia series. The whole book is so action packed you may have to re-read it several times, as I myself did. Trust me, you don’t want to miss anything! And with a new art team on board, this feels like a more finished article. I’m sure Dave Cook will be a lot happier with the end product in this book and hopefully this continues in the last two issues.

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