Review – Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1

Review - Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1

Review – Peacemaker: Disturbing the Peace #1

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Garry Brown

Colours: Lee Loughridge

Lettering: Rob Steen

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: January 26, 2022

Issue #1

Long before joining the Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith, codename Peacemaker, meets with a psychiatrist—a woman dangerously obsessed with his bizarre and violent past. From his tragic childhood to his military service overseas to his multiple missions with Special Forces, Smith has more than his share of skeletons in the closet. But who’s actually analyzing whom? And will this trip down memory lane result in yet more fatalities? 

Garth Ennis and Garry Brown delve deep into Christopher Smith’s history of violence, and reveal what might bring peace—or not—to the Peacemaker.

Writer: Garth Ennis

Chamberlin infamously said there would be peace in our time and Ennis takes this to its devastating consequences in this Black Series Peacemaker title. Christopher Smith has had a hard life and he requests to meet psychiatrist Dr Sedgewick in a military graveyard to chat through some of the more interesting speed bumps that have got him here.

From the horrific murder-suicide of his stepfamily to his kidnapping by a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, we see Smith growing within deeply disturbing surroundings as each person mysteriously gets killed or disappears, Sedgewick joins the dots and her red flag report to the military has led to this chat with Smith. The final half of the comic revisits each of the scenes from his earlier life filling in omissions to round out the picture and provide horrific context.

Ennis takes another direction in this first issue with the word peace creating a disturbing final few pages

Artist: Garry Brown

Brown’s artwork helps with a chaotic storyline as we weave back and forth between subplots, but his on-point artwork creates the most lovable robbers since Natural Born Killers, even if their piercings keep jamming together when they have sex. Smith as a character looks cold and Brown channels his inner Punisher to give Smith a depth never seen before

Overall Thoughts

DC is going balls deep in its Peacemaker character development at the moment with the TV Show and this new Black Series comic. Smith skillfully dodges Sedwick’s concerns of the constant violence on his psyche and with professionals like Ennis and Brown, the chilling final page suddenly adds even more depth to the growing character.

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