Review - Star Wars: Crimson Reign #1 Comic Reviews 

Review – Star Wars: Crimson Reign #1

AFTER THE DAWN... COMES THE REIGN! The story that began with WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS continues here, in the second instalment of a trilogy that will reshape the history of the Star Wars Galaxy during the Age of Rebellion. Featuring the return of beloved characters, shocking twists, epic feats of the Force and a story that will reach from... Read More
Essential Judge Dredd: Origins Comic Reviews 

Review – Essential Judge Dredd: Origins

SUMMARY Opening with a perilous prologue of secrecy and bad dreams in The Connections, the race is on to deliver a mysterious package to the Grand Hall of Justice. What follows is a furious road mission of high importance that could change the laws of Mega City One and offers a shocking history lesson on the origins of immediate justice.… Read More
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AG@G: 2017 – AKA The Greatest Year Of Videogames Ever?

An Essay On The Insane Amount Of Fantastic Videogames That Were Released In 2017 How fondly do you remember the videogames released in 2017? The first three AG@G pieces that I have written so far have been on the negative side. I have been slagging off developers left and right and verbally abusing major distributors. Besides that, I’ve generally just… Read More
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Review – Sniper Elite 4 (2017)

Review – Sniper Elite 4 Developer: Rebellion Developments Publisher: Rebellion Developments Genre: Stealth/Action Director: Colin Harvey Release Date: February 14th 2017 I decided to revisit Sniper Elite 4 for review; the fourth game in the third person WW2 shooter series and I had a blast doing so. This game expands on the groundwork laid by its predecessors. If you are… Read More