Savage Circus: Chapter Three Comic Reviews 

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Three

SUMMARY With Christmas Eve ruined for the festive town of Basin Bay after being blacked out by bandits and bulldozed by a bedlam of behemoths, there’s only one man who can save the town in time for Christmas Day. Deputy Brady Harrison steps up and suits up for a Red Christmas. ART A sweet but ultimately fruitless festive device is… Read More
Savage Circus: Chapter Two Comic Reviews 

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Two

Review – Savage Circus: Chapter Two, Heavy Metal Elements comic written by Brendan Columbus with illustrations and colouring by Al Barrionuevo & Candice Han. SUMMARY The circus is in town with a truly explosive and savage opening night, one that the people of Basin Bay will never forget. As the town’s awe and whimsy turns to awful whimpering, Ricketts and… Read More