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Review – Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1

Review - Heroes Reborn - Siege Society # 1

Review – Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1

Writer: Cody Ziglar

Artist: Paco Medina

Colourer: Pete Pantazis

Letterer: Joe Sabino

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: May 2021

Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1 is the latest in Marvels newly spun web of stories. But the difference is, these play on a world where the Avengers never existed. Blade is the only character that realises the world timeline has changed.
He travels the Marvel Multiverse, made up now, of our favourite Heroes but gone bad. Blade attempts to find out what’s gone wrong and has some interesting suspects to track down.
The series has a certain allure, we see what potential our favourite heroes have as baddies. Let’s face it, it’s a field day for hard core fans who like to debate which Super would make the best Anti-Hero. The series as a whole has been fun, as a result it has been well received by fans but I am calling the tv show/ film now, based on this series.

Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1

It’s a good read, with literal eye popping action. Within the series, Siege Society # 1 comes towards the end of the Squadron Supreme’s Civil War. Hyperion vs Nighthawk, but both are now are super violent.
We start with a team of anti-heroes striking at the Squadron’s hidden base, beneath the Tower Bridge in London. Finally, a large scale and violent attack ensues.
Marvel Multiverse names, such as Blue Eagle, Golden Archer, Arcanna are revived, as a result, the comic has a retro vibe.
The violence always has clever reasoning for Baron Zemo. It was, of course, an attempt at drawing Nighthawk out. Allowing Zemo, the literal Nazi, to strike, in an attempt to drive the “heroes” away from Europe … Or just kill them all in the most bloody way possible and take control that way.

The Art and Lettering

Wow, do we go boldly into the colour palate here and boy does it work! The basic illustrations are good, with action and movement aplenty.
But where the illustration is good, the colouring is utterly brilliant.
Vibrant pinks mixed with shades of blue just add to the literal eye popping action. But the classic style of comic book art is not forgotten. It almost feels like a homage in places, to the sometimes lost art, of being able to include “WAAAHHAA WHOMPS” without them feeling forced or OTT.
The Lettering is seamless. I go with my own theory, if I don’t notice it and it flows, then it must be good. Firstly, if I don’t have to re-read to try and figure out if it’s an E or and F, with all the stupid font choices, that are aplenty these days, then the letterer has done their job.
Secondly, it is very easy to do badly, especially with the placement of the text, because the result can be hugely annoying to the art and flow of the comic.
Finally, this one has done a great job, more especially, as it’s a busy comic.

But does Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1 work?

Fundamentally, yes. But if you are a newbie, coming in off the back of The Avengers films and comics, then it will seem a weird set up of good guys gone bad. But, it’s got an ok story, that is well written and I can appreciate the violence.
My one concern, is that as part of the bigger Heroes Reborn series, it’s ok, it doesn’t really add much more to the series. Blade doesn’t come into it and there isn’t any huge plot reveals to get excited about.

Let us know your thoughts on our Review of Heroes Reborn – Siege Society # 1 in the comments below.

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