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Joe Cornish To Direct Starlight Adaptation

Joe Cornish Starlight Adaptation

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it is confirmed that Joe Cornish is set to write and direct a film adaptation of Mark Millar’s sci-fi comic series, Starlight.

Joe Cornish is known best for directing the British Sci-Fi film, Attack The Block and has been a behind the scenes mainstay in British films and comedy for over a decade with cameo credits in Notting Hill, Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and even Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Notable works behind the camera include The Adventures of Tintin, Ant Man & 2019’s The Kid Who Would Be King. The next big step in his career as a director and writer lands him on the long awaited film adaptation of Starlight…no not from The Boys.

Joe Cornish Starlight Adaptation

Starlight is a limited Sci-Fi comic series written by Mark Millar who is the mastermind behind suck works as Kickass, Kingsman and WANTED. The story follows Duke McQueen, an Earthborn astronaut who saves an alien world from imminent destruction. Upon returning home, his accolades have gone unnoticed and are unbelievable to the the people of Earth, so much so that they literally don’t believe him! As the years go on with family deaths and distant family, an elderly Duke McQueen is revisited by a familiar alien species from the planet he once saved. With the spark of adventure still burning bright in McQueen’s heart, he blasts off to a familiar alien world one last time.

Joe Cornish Starlight Adaptation

Majorly considered to be Millar’s creative collision of Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Rises. Joining Cornish as a producer is X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Simon Kinberg, setting up the adaptation to be a fantastic yet melancholic space adventure!

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Joe Cornish directing a Starlight film adaptation, your thoughts on the original Starlight comic series and what comic you’d like to see adapted for film!

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