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Review – Amazing Fantasy #1

Review - Amazing Fantasy #1

Review – Amazing Fantasy #1: Arrival
Writer: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Penciller, Inker & Colourist: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Cover Artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Release Date: 28th July 2021
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Variant Covers: Kaare Kyle Andrews, Alex Horley & Simone Bianchi


Red Room Black Widow, teenage Spider-Man, World War II Captain America — the most iconic versions of your favourite Marvel characters from across time and space all wake up on an island of intrigue, darkness and…Amazing Fantasy. Are they dead? Are they dreaming? Or have they truly been transported to another fantastical realm? And is there any way for them to return home? This isn’t just a love letter to your favourite Marvel eras, it’s a reinvestment in the seminal characters you’ve always loved, plucked from their quintessential timelines. Brought to you by KAARE ANDREWS, this is the one you’ve been waiting for, True Believers… It’s one Amazing Fantasy for the ages!

Writer: Kaare Kyle Andrews

Captain America riding a Griffin. Black Widow riding a centaur. Spider-Man riding… well, nothing yet but there’s still time in this exciting 5 issue mini-series from Kaare Andrews & Marvel Comics!

The story begins with Captain America sailing the seas in the WWII era but, after an assault from the enemy things quickly change as he finds himself marooned on a strange island lit by 2 suns and littered with fantasy creatures.

In the Red Room Natasha Romanoff is honing her skills only to awake in a desolate realm, mounted on the back of halberd wielding centaur.

A teenage Spider-Man is swinging through New York, tangling with the Green Goblin one minute and is caught between warring frog-men & eagle-people the next, only to tie up the issue with an unexpected and emotional cliffhanger, leaving the reader wondering “what happens next?”

Andrews love for the characters (and their respective eras) really shines in this issue, leaving the usual lists of extensive callbacks on the cutting room floor and focusing instead on the dialogue. With a rousing speech from Cap, quick Spidey quips and the cold, calm, threatening aura of a young Natasha “…The difference is that I would never yield“, fans of the characters are sure to feel right at home.

Moreover, the pacing in this book is ripe for praise. Each of the three heroes has its own self-contained story, alternating after main plot points and working as a narrative chain which helps to avoid any character stealing the spotlight.

All in all, the mix of these heroes in a fantasy setting has countless possibilities and if the first issue is anything to go by, I’m happy to be along for the ride!

Penciller, Inker & Colourist: Kaare Kyle Andrews

This issue is a masterclass in how art can work in tandem with a plot to convey a story.
A unique art still is given to each character based on the era they are pulled from. Opening with a very Golden Age Captain America keeping a watchful eye on the dark waters of a stormy sea. As the locations change, Andrews art follows suit, modernising and becoming vibrant. This stylistic change is expertly applied to tie the characters together as the settings merge. This results in a transition that isn’t jarring to the reader.
Reading this book alone is enough to convince anyone that Andrews is a master of all trades and worth watching out for.


As you can tell from my gushing above, I really enjoyed Amazing Fantasy #1. Above all, Andrews’ love for each hero is incredibly apparent and even though the characters are pulled directly from notable eras of the comic vaults, this book is very accessible and easy to recommend to new and old readers alike.

If the aim of this book was to tease just enough to keep me wondering and have me hungry for issue #2 then Andrews should consider it a great success. This book scratched an itch I didn’t know I had, and boy does it feel good! If you enjoyed our review of Amazing Fantasy #1 then drop a comment or rating below.

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