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Review – Beowulf (LIVE on Kickstarter)

Cover of Beowulf

Review – Beowulf (LIVE on Kickstarter)

Publisher: Monarch Publishing

Writer: Grant Lankard

Artist: Antonio Brandão

Colourist: Roy Moon

Letterer: William Stitchwell

Release Date: Kickstarter ends 18th March 2021

Based loosely on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of the same name, Monarch Publishing presents, Beowulf. Whilst mining in Demark some workers stumble across piles of gold along with something else… Cut to preteen Hazel and her cat Mooney whom have visions of a dragon stirring from a lengthy slumber. Only one hero can battle the dragon and this fierce fighter, formerly Beowulf, now takes the form of the newly unemployed, millennial stoner, Victor. Together, Hazel and Mooney must find Victor and turn him into the warrior he needs to be but can they do it in time? Beowulf is still a Kickstarter campaign for another 18 days but I was lucky enough to read issue one.  

Meet Hazel and her cat, Mooney


One might assume that a comic based on a legend might have a complex plot but this isn’t the case. Lankard weaves comedy and adventure seamlessly in his writing to make the story of Beowulf fast-paced and easy to follow. Each character, whether human or cat, has their own unique voice which really adds to the charm of the comic. Mooney speaks how every cat owner imagines their pet would talk- as if they were worshipped thousands of years ago by an ancient civilisation, oh wait. He is wonderfully sassy and it is hilarious how Hazel’s first exclamation isn’t how her cat can talk.


Much like the real Mooney, based on Lankard’s own cat, he has complete heterochromia, so naturally, he was going to be magical. It’s such a simple touch but it really just makes Mooney even better and really stand out when compared to other magical felines such as Salem or Luna.

The style of art, the whole story arc, gives me indie vibes. I love the muted tones for the scenes with Hazel and Victor and how they parallel the vivid colours used in the scenes with the portal magic and the fire. There is such an attention to detail, even in the scenes where Mooney is creating the portal you can still see the Kiki’s Delivery Service poster in Hazel’s room. It’s little things like this that make this comic so enjoyable to both read and just look at.

Overall thoughts

I have no doubt Beowulf will follow the zero to hero trope as the series progresses but if it follows the pace of the first issue then it will be so much more than that. It’s definitely a comic suitable to any age, whether they know the legend or not. I am eager to see where this story goes so much so I’ve just backed the project! Mooney is definitely my favourite character in this comic and I can imagine I won’t be alone in this sentiment. Lastly, I really hope Hazel wears her pyjamas the whole series. The project has already reached its target but backing it, even $1 helps them out even more and there are lots of additional perks!

If this sounds like your cup of tea then check out their Kickstarter here

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