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Review – Bolero #2

Review – Bolero #2

Review – Bolero #2


Story: Wyatt Kennedy

Art: Luana Vecchio

Lettering: Brandon Graham

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: January 12, 2022

Variant Artists: Brandom Graham

Chapter 2: (33 Hops Left) Boys and Girls Like Me and You

With her dimensional-door-opening key, Devyn escapes through the multiverse to mend her broken heart. She visits her life as a Victorian aristocrat in the age of dinosaurs, an astronaut watching planets die, a ritual sacrifice-and, worst of all, a pop idol with an intensely overbearing stage mom! Let’s hope she survives.

Story: Wyatt Kennedy

My head hurts after reading issue #2 of Bolero! Almost every 2-3 pages we jump universes, genders, storylines and thematic while still tracking Devyn’s bid to find the perfect reality with her girlfriend. It’s both hilarious, confusing, sad and bonkers at the same time.

Einstein said the definition of insanity of doing the same thing over and over. In Bolero, Kenndy creates insanity that changes reality, but keeps the main character the same, meaning she struggles to find happiness. Devyne is an impossible dreamer running constantly to find a perfect world, even though she’s already left the real world for it.

Art: Luana Vecchio

Vecchio’s art works within the manga style universe that Kennedy has created we have hints of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Studio Ghibli and Perfect Blue all harmonising together. Vecchio’s work is both sexual and erotic with both sex activities framed by stunning dreamscapes for naked characters and genders to mix.

Overall Thoughts

This is not for the faint-hearted with reality hopping Devyn starting to fall apart at the seams. Se now uses her cat Bo-Bae as an anchor and hopefully will find a way to find happiness before she runs out of hops. I do hope the creative team slow down a little as I had to re-read the issue several times to ensure that I got the full Bolero experience.

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