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Review – Bunny Mask #2

Review – Bunny Mask #2

Review – Bunny Mask #2

Story: Paul Tobin

Art: Andrea Mutti

Letterer: Taylor Esposito

Publisher: Aftershock Comics 

Available: 14th July 2021

Variant Covers: Nathan Szerdy, Christopher Bust and Franck Uzan


Life explodes around Tyler Severin as depictions of Bunny Mask begin eerily appearing in his life – even as the strange and deadly creature herself walks the earth once more. Meanwhile, as Tyler’s relationship with Bee accelerates, he begins hearing the voice of the Snitch whispering everyone’s darkest secrets, forcing Tyler to question if Leo Foster, Bee’s crazy father, was truly crazy after all…or simply the tormented holder of secrets no man should ever know.

Each issue of BUNNY MASK features 24 pages of story and art with a cardstock cover.

Writer: Paul Tobin

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Tobin’s style is slow, increasing tension and horror in this issue after the out and out terror from issue #1 we settle down into Tyler’s modern world where he’s treating Effy, an MMA fighter with a damaged hand. On the shelf behind him, a Bunny Mask bust has appeared even though Tyler hasn’t bought or placed it there.

Romance is in the air for Tyler and Bree and we have a delightful three-page montage of hours becoming days together as they get drunk, enjoy life and each others company. Tyler’s loving life and what could go wrong?

Enter the Snitch, as we watch as a group of kids playing a tig style game, the action pulls back to a hut with two men plotting to kidnap one of them to teach their mother a lesson for throwing him out for doing drugs. Suddenly, the hut is replaced with the cave from issue 1 and the Snitch, wearing the same dress as the young girl about to be kidnapped, lops the head of one of the men off with a quick flick of her nails.

As the romance blooms Tyler starts hearing voices, dark, cold voices like Bee’s father, and the Snitch can’t wait to snuggle up in his bed.

This uncomfortable issue shows the horror beneath many things like lids playing while men plot to kidnap. Tyler is starting to hear these beneath thoughts and much like Bee’s dad it’s starting to drive him mad.

Art: Andrea Mutti

Mutti likes to draw outside the edges with objects and people coming out of the edge of panels and off pages sometimes. This helps make the story bigger than the panel itself and the muddy and pale colours add a feeling of dirt or filth as if we are looking through a dusty window. The flashes of bright red blood draw your eye as Snitch easily decapitated the kidnapper. Again she seems slightly out of focus, indicating she’s something other than human. The little touches, like her Charlie Brown dress and the masks appearing all over add extra touches to this great issue

Overall Thoughts

After the outright horror of issue #1, Tobin and Mutti are slowing down to build characters and plot, while still slowly tightening the tension and horror. The Snitch’s manifestations are growing stronger and Tyler is out of his depth now. Two perfect issues in a row.

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