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Review – Chicken Devil #1

Chicken Devil #1

Review – Chicken Devil #1

Writer: Brian Buccellato

Artist: Hayden Sherman

Lettering: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Release Date: October 6, 2021

Variant Cover Artist: Rob Csiki. Hayden Sherman

A Devil In The Henhouse

Mitchell Moss is about as regular as it gets. He’s married with two children and co-owns a successful chain of Memphis Hot Chicken restaurants. It’s not the life that screams hero/vigilante…until he discovers that his business partner is in bed with the mob and owes them $2 million. Unfortunately, Mitch is ill-equipped to be a badass-he’s just a guy who makes really good chicken. Can he protect his family from cold-blooded gangsters? Absolutely not.

But maybe the CHICKEN DEVIL can…    

Writer: Brian Buccellato

Moss is the picture-perfect character with a wife and two very loud kids, we meet him first thing in the morning making a coffee while they are screaming demands at him. His response is controlled, firm but mostly caring. At his business he finds that his business has suffered a fire.. worse still his partner has stolen £2m worth of cocaine. As the characters in the book say, this seems straight out of a Breaking Bad episode and the zany and frankly chaotic plot explodes after several pages and takes us in a completely different direction.

Buccellato is a safe pair of hands as the brains behind this mix of humour and action. Anchoring the story around Mitch helps as he initially seems to be a safe and controlled pair of hands. But while life gives you chickens you make chicken devils.

Artwork and Lettering: Hayden Sherman/ Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Otsmane-Elhaou takes the art of lettering to it’s zenith in this issue adding lot’s of floating bubbles, arrows, bold and jagged text over Sherman’s frankly amazing artwork. The Looney Tunes style of arrows and exclamations adds a cartoonish but refreshing dimension to the work.

Overall Thoughts

It’s a tour de force here with the team obviously enjoying every second of the creative process. Some teams sweat blood to get a new series but I have a feeling this was born over a bucket of wings and some hot sauce.

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