Review – Cold Dead War #3Comic Reviews 

Review – Cold Dead War #3

Review – Cold Dead War #3

Review – Cold Dead War #3

Warning: Mature Readers only! (Extreme Language and Violence)

Writer: George C. Romero

Artwork: German Ponce

Published by: Heavy Metal Magazine

Available: You’ll be Lucky!


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Death has no dominion over the zombie pilot squad known as The Pacific Pearl, fighting America’s enemies since World War 2. The team’s latest mission: infiltrate and destroy a Nazi stronghold before their insane experiment to create zombies for the new Fourth Reich is completed. These are the secret battles left out of the history books and official military records. This is the Cold Dead War.

Writer: George C. Romero

Holy fucking shit, this issue is balls to wall bonkers Nazi killing fun. Romero must absolutely hate Nazis (and quite right too) I this issue they’re shot, stabbed, disembowelled, beheaded and given a stern talking to. This is just one panel’s worth of action and if you like your stories will a simple kill all Nazis vibe this is the one for you.

The story is a simple one Mengele and other Nazis have set up camps in South America to grow zombie soldiers to rule the world after nuclear armageddon. Only, one problem, the zombies don’t follow orders unlike the crew of Pacific Pearl.

Anyway, Mengele escapes and the team find themselves surrounded by hundreds of gun toting Nazis.

I think we need more Nazi killing comics it’s very cathartic to the current world situation and I could watch those right wing nutjobs get their tongues ripped out all aday.

Artwork: German Ponce

What more can I say than Ponse lives turning Romero’s script into a horror movie, have a look at this little panel above it’s a masterpiece that could hang in any gallery. I would call it Zombies Killing Nazis. Every death is almost different and unique like 100 ways to kill a Nazi.

I love that the images are so detailed and intricate allowing your eye to follow various limbs and organs spraying across the pages. It’s about as much fun as it sounds.


Did I mention that this issue is chock full of zombies killing Nazis? Do you want more? Well, tough this issue does exactly what it says on the tin. What a surreal but hilarious take on the Cold War. This is Perfection. Thanks to our pals at Heavy Metal Magazine for the free copy to allow us to review.

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