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Review – Defenders #1

Review - Defenders #1

Review – Defenders #1
Storytellers: Al EwingJavier Rodríguez
Inks: Álvaro López & Javier Rodríguez
Design: Cory Petit & Jay Bowen
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Publisher – Marvel
Variant Covers: Marcos Martín, Rob Liefeld, Ron Lim & Israel Silva, Peach Momoko, Peach MomokoDean White , Carlos Pacheco w/ Rafael Fonteriz & Rachelle Rosenberg
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When existence itself faces extraordinary threats, it needs an extraordinary defence! That’s when you call… THE DEFENDERS! Doctor Strange and the Masked Raider take a non-team of Marvels weirdest, wildest heroes on a mission that will uncover the hidden architecture of reality itself! This cosmos was not the first to exists… but if the DEFENDERS can’t track Marvel’s oldest villain through the deepest trenches of time – it might be the last.

Storytellers: Ál Ewing & Javier Rodriguez

Defenders #1 begins with an upside-down, meditating Steven Strange doing his daily tarot reading, only to be knocked back to reality by a gun pointed at his head.

After a short-lived scuffle, the Master of Magic finds himself face to face with the Masked Raider who brings with him a warning. Dark magic has been let loose with the power to alter history itself, it must be contained.

It is up to our heroes to assemble an unusual cast of Defenders to move through time, chasing and containing the threat before it causes lasting harm to the world as they know it.

With the help of his tarot deck, the good Doctor calls Defenders of the past to his side with every card pulled. Enter: the Silver Surfer, Harpy & Cloud.

The introductions of the story and characters in shorter runs can be a tricky line to walk. This issue leans heavily into the introduction, choosing to get the exposition out of the way early to allow a greater focus on the threat further down the line. This trade-off can feel sluggish at times, padding most of the pages with information-heavy monologues and an explanatory flashback. This is not to say the book isn’t well written. I do feel like the story was explained rather than taking me along for the ride. Despite this, this issue is a great choice purely based on the art.

Inks: Álvaro López & Javier Rodríguez

This book is STUNNING! The design of each page deliberately defies the usual formula, carrying the story through intricately detailed panels, spread in interesting layouts that add to the off-kilter nature of Strange’s home.
As expected with anything involving the Sorcerer Supreme, every piece is larger than life. The colours are expertly applied, keeping even the most shadowy of panels lit in an enchanting glow.

This is the best-looking comic I’ve read in quite some time. Everything is so stylised and eye-catching making even the slower, exposition-heavy pages worth the read.

Overall Thoughts….

Defenders #1 is interesting but doesn’t unfold naturally, making some of the dialogue a drag to read. Although, It is a joy it is to look at. The concept isn’t anything we haven’t seen before but sometimes tried and true is a comfort to read.
Ultimately, this issue didn’t have me chomping at the bit for more. that aside, I have high hopes for this run and will grab the next issue for the art alone.

Let us know if you enjoyed our Review of Defenders #1 if you read the book or rate it yourself.

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