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Review – Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock Comic Review
Review – Doomsday Clock

Written by Geoff Johns

Pencil art by Gary Frank

Published by DC Comics

Released between November 2017 – December 2019


Doomsday Clock is a 12 issue comic series from DC Comics (oh my god I just realised DC stands for Doomsday Clock in this context, don’t tell me I’m wrong.) featuring an all-star cast of your favourite DC characters such as Batman, Joker, Superman and Lex Luthor, but what’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Watchmen! Crashing into the unfamiliar yet familiar territory of Gotham City. Once initial pleasantries are made between both sides, the race is on to beat the clock and save this world from itself and in turn save everyone.


It’s only when you see both worlds and characters of The Watchmen and Batman & Superman that you see the similarities in their dark and gritty yet colourful and classic design. The pencil art by Gary Frank and use of colour by Brad Anderson seamlessly synergises with the exciting yet tragic story of a group of superheroes in charge of saving a doomed world.

The covers of the collection alone are stunning to look at, each with its own unique and poetic nuances. It’s hard to choose a favourite and that speaks volumes as several of the comics have alternate cover art, I don’t even think Frank and Brad could decide on the best fit for each issue so why not have both? 

Doomsday Clock Comic Review

Covers aside, there are some truly incredible panels of art within these comics. Some are bombastic and badass whereas others are subtle and seductive but like seductive in a how a director lines up a shot perfectly to tell a story and then takes it to the bedroom…to hang up on his wall because it’s ART

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Do you know what’s harder to keep track of than a multiverse in comics? A world! Let me explain, a multiverse knows it’s a huge thing so it only gives you the prime details you need to know about. A world however, is small enough that it decides to give you every detail It has about it in the hopes that it’ll be easy to follow because it’s not as big as a multiverse. this series has 3 worlds, time travelling and a multiverse! 

Doomsday Clock Comic Review

Despite the subject matter and level of events going on, Doomsday Clock is surprisingly easy to read. Fully grasping and reciting the subject matter and events however – especially when trying to review it (little meta-humour for you dear reader), is gonna require some quiet reflecting and a déjà vu ridden reread of the series. Even if you do understand what’s happening, the series deserves the reread in order to engross yourself in the foreshadowing throughout.

With the use of real-life figures, global news broadcasts and an extensive lore of the worlds provided in everyday formats like newspapers, letters and photographs, you often forget you are reading a work of fiction. With the year we’ve just had, even the outrageous and supernatural events don’t seem to break the illusion. Not to mention this serves as additional immersive context for the reader who perhaps isn’t as familiar with the universe and its characters.

As mentioned, the collection features an all-star cast of DC favourites. Seeing those characters interact and pair with each other makes for some interesting developments and fun internal commentaries. Batman and Rorschach trying to out-brood each other is a comic book fans’ vigilante fantasy…vigilantasy if you will!

Doomsday Clock Comic Review

As well as those favourites we also get meta glimpses into the more obscure characters of DCs history such as various incarnations of the Justice League and international superheroes yet to make their mark. The cherry on top is the promise of new fan favourites in the near future and the promise of an ever-expanding story that will kick down the forbidden comic book doors.

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Doomsday Clock Comic Review


Move over MCU with your Infinity Wars, Endgames and maybe even some of your Wandavision. THIS is the most gripping and mind-blowing collection of comics I have ever read. Doomsday Clock demands a film adaptation whether it be live action or probably for the best, an animated trilogy of films. This is what the DCEU films should be working towards; A truly visceral and ingenious experience with a web of suspense and tragedy that is a thank you series to the diehard fans of DC. Any comic book fan should add this series to their collection as it is a masterclass in effective storytelling and artwork. 

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on our review of Doomsday Clock, your favourite DC Characters and what you’d like to see from an adaptation!

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