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Review – ET-ER #1

Review - ET-ER #1

Review – ET-ER #1

Writer: Jeff McComsey, Dan Panosian

Artist: Javier Pulido, Shawn Crystal

Letters: Dezi Sienty

Publisher: AWA

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Variant: Mike Deodato

Review - ET-ER #1

The Walk-Ins and Hard Pill

Does an intergalactic virus liquefy one of your heads? Feeling a bit “off” ever since you drove through that black hole? Then visit the ET-ER, the galaxy’s leading medical facility. This interplanetary crew of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and technicians is uniquely qualified to cure what ails you. There’s no planet too far, no asteroid too small, no patient too, well alien – and they accept most forms of insurance. This super-sized debut special includes two stories of medical madness that are out of this world.

Writer: Jeff McComsey, Dan Panosian

The most interesting joke in this issue is that the Universe chose America for a Men in Black style hospital. In a country infamous for its costly and terrible healthcare, surely the Galaxy would have chosen the Germans, Swedish or anybody apart from one of the only countries in the world that don’t have Universal Healthcare!

With two writers and artists in this issue, there’s a good mix of styles and writing to give a tone of where the issue is going. In The Walk-Ins Dr Chen standing in for Will Smith in Men in Black, a great doctor suddenly thrust into an alien hospital that treats anything and everything. Can her bedside manner help when an alien with a black hole appendix is rushed into the ER?

In Hard Pill, we get a great POV style story with Dr Klein shrunken and shot into the mouth of an alien with a stomach problem, can he deal with the Venom style symbiote bacteria affecting the alien’s stomach?

Both writers create an interesting world with lots of humour, visual jokes and sarcasm in each story. They both have the early 90s 2000AD vibe, similar to The Intestinauts that have been in the Prog for a while.

Artist: Javier Pulido, Shawn Crystal

Pulido’s Walk-In artwork is cartoonish in appearance, helping set the tone for the series with overly stylised artwork giving it a very alien vibe. On the other end of the spectrum, Crystals’ artwork is stunning, disgusting and hilarious.. the ending does leave a bad..errr..smell though

Overall Thoughts

Move over Men in Black, here are the Doctors in White. A great concept, but when the biggest head scratch is why any aliens would go to America to be overcharged for healthcare which stopped my suspension of belief more than the actual concept of a universal hospital. America’s healthcare is the joke of the world, and each story should finish with a ludicrous bill for needless charges.

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