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Review – Justice League Infinity #1

Justice League Infinity #1

Review – Justice League Infinity #1

Writers: J.M. DeMatteis, James Tucker

Artist: Ethen Beavers

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: July 7, 2021

Variant Cover

Synopsis: The Crack’d Mirror: Part One

From Justice League Unlimited, producer James Tucker and series writer J.M. DeMatteis, comes an all-new season starring the World’s Greatest Heroes! There is a being wandering the universe searching for its true purpose, but what it finds out on the farthest edges of the cosmos will change not just our universe, but many! Meanwhile, the war for the throne of Apokolips arrives on Earth, and the true ruler will only be decided one way: Who can destroy the Justice League?

Writers: J.M. DeMatteis, James Tucker

Dematteis and Tucker pick up where Justice League Unlimited left off. The being known as Amazo is flying through the universe looking for purpose and answers to his android questions of self and soul. At the edge of infinity, he finds a door and enters.

Back on earth Martian Manhunter has left the league and heroics behind and is living a quiet life in a secluded part of the world, but his mind keeps drifting back to the league.

Wally West, The Flash, is summoned while on a hot date and is surprised the league is throwing him a birthday party. But Grannie Good and Kaliban crash the party and are left with cake on their faces.

It’s a fun, soft comic for readers who wish a little less violence in their comics, It’s has a great tone very similar to the beloved toon and it’s a good sting in the tail to make you buy the next issue.

Artist: Ethen Beavers

Beavers bright and colourful artwork matches up with the original material with lots of action and onomatopoeia for him to use. It’s a fun issue to reminisce about characters from the old show. art is blocky and has thick lines around characters.

It’s bubblegum bright and full of fun.

Overall Thoughts

If you are a fan of Justice League Unlimited this is the series for you, it’s bright, full of humour and is packed with loads of heroes and villains from the show. Its twist is an interesting take and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes next issue

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