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Review – Lasher #1

Review - Lasher #1

Review – Lasher #1

Writer: Clay Chapman

Artists: Christopher Mooneyham & Danilo S. Beyruth

Colourist: Marcio Menyz & Jim Campbell

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Variant Cover Artists: David Nakayama, Jeff Johnson, Lucio Parrillo, Skottie Young


Four issues into the Carnage event of the summer and the bodies just keep piling up – including some of the Venomaniacs the Mighty Marveldom know and love! But now is not a time to mourn for fallen heroes (or their symbiotes). CARNAGE is on the loose, and he’s building an army…

Writer: Clay Chapman

LASHER #1 Picks up from the brutal cliff-hanger from the last issue, throwing readers into the action on page 1. PHAGE has tracked down Andi Benton in the Alchemax facility and without the aid of SCREAM, she is powerless to defend herself.

Flash Thompson (Anti-Venom) rushes to her aid but as PHAGE tears through the guards responding to the intrusion, he has two choices. Take on PHAGE or attempt to save Andi and escape. He chooses the latter, taking Andi to Doctor Steven in an attempt to save her, leading to, what I feel is the true crescendo of the story so far which symbiote fans will find exciting.

The LASHER storyline is separate but runs parallel to the continuation from the storyline so far, with the only link being CARNAGE’s call to arms. These sections lean more into horror than the sci-fi action of Andi’s tale and are bleak, to say the least. However, this is a welcome change I hope continues in later issues.

Chapmans writing in this issue is consistent, entertaining and gives life to the different symbiotes through their dialogue. I just wish they had more room to breathe so readers can better understand what each character brings to the table.

Artist: Christopher Mooneyham & Danilo S. Beyruth

Echoing the story segments, the art is also split. Christopher Honeymoon takes the lead on the continuation from the last issue and Beyruth lending his style to the LASHER sections.

Honeymoons art is great! Each panel has great focus and could convey the story, even if the dialogue was absent.

Beyruth helps bolster the unsettling LASHER story with a focus on body horror. The eye goo and the Lincoln Memorial panel stick in my mind due to how disgusting and unsettling they are. If you’re into horror comics, you’re bound to enjoy it.

Pair the art with the brilliant colouring of both Marcio Menyz & Jim Campbell and you have a great looking issue that your eyes will thank you for.

In Conclusion…

LASHER #1 was a fun read and, although action-packed, does leave me wondering when the stories will link up. With the next issue introducing RIOT to the fray 5 issues into this 8 issue run, my hopes are that the story becomes more centred to avoid the climax feeling rushed.

That being said, I still enjoyed my time with this issue and would recommend it to readers who enjoyed previous symbiote events, let us know what you thought of our Review of Lasher #1 in the comments or leave your own rating.

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