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Review – Love Love Love Vol #1

Review - Love Love Love Vol # 1

Review – Love Love Love Vol #1

Author: Kid Toussaint

Artist: Andrés Garrido

Published By: Europe Comics

Available: Now


In a futuristic Paris, robots have evolved into sentient beings whose rights are being revoked due to the perceived threat they pose to human society. But not everyone has turned their backs on these so-called mechas. When the cherish bot Karel and down-on-her-luck Elle meet in the subway, they soon become friends, and something more… But a robot resistance is forming, and the two of them are dragged unwittingly into the chaos. Not only that, but Karel’s programmed life expectancy is mysteriously decreasing… Will they be able to stop the countdown, and steer clear of both the robot rebels and human police?


Kid Toussaint was born in Belgium not very long ago, not very far (far from what?). He is Sagittarius ascendant Virgo, which impresses a lot at social gatherings. Writer, translator, astrophysicist, wrestler and screenwriter, he promised himself to write his biography when he died. In the meantime, he writes comics. Among these are “Magic 7” and “Telemachus” (Dupuis), “Killing Time” (Ankama), “In the shadow of the convoy” and “Holly Ann” (Casterman), “40 elephants” (Large Angle / Bamboo) or “Burn Moscow” (Le Lombard.) You’ve probably seen his comics but nor realised.


Love love love explores the notion of Artificial Intelligence and all the ethical questions it raises. In this world where humans and robots coexist, what are the rights of the latter? Over hundreds of years, Robots or Mechas have evolved full personalities and emotions but are they alive? This has been explored by Asimov and Dick before but Toussaint keeps the toe light and humorous, even disturbing scenes like revolt or death.

If we have built them in our image, but we do not seem inclined to let them live like us. This is the usual allegory for slavery, discrimination and right wing hatred. Using the classic star crossed lovers approach we experience the rest of their world through their experiences and eyes. There is nothing new here but it still is relevant.

Review - Love Love Love Vol # 1


Andrés Garrido work is bright, friendly and relaxing. His world is chock full of characters with lots happening in the background. you could spend hours looking at some of the large panels and still find new things hidden all over this very busy world. His art reminds me of Sergio Aragonés work on Groo.

Overall Thoughts

The “tale as old as time” of star crossed lovers in a turbulent period of history is the catalyst for many stories and Toussaint does a good job turning the Matrix into Romeo and Juliet. Garrido’s dense and busy artwork shows a crowded world that readers will love to get lost in. This is a good three stars all round

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