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Review – Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal #1

Review – Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal #1 of 8

Writer – Garth Ennis

Artist – Goran Sudzuka

Colourist – Miroslav Mrva

Publisher – AWA Comics

Date of Release – 5th May 2021

Garth Ennis is a writer that should need no introduction. But if you have been living under a rock, you may want to check out his back catalogue. The award winning Ennis has teamed up with AWA Comics, who have been releasing some fantastic comics recently and I was excited to pick this up.

I was left slightly disappointed.


Ennis sets us up with dual protagonists and we are introduced to Marjorie Finnegan in Ancient Egypt. She is not unlike a Time Travelling Lara Croft using her Time Travel Tech to steal treasures of the past. From there we move to the Middle Ages and meet Temporal Cop, Harri, hunting down a criminal out of time (imagine a female version of Van Damme from Timecop). It’s clear she doesn’t like people messing with the timeline and you know where this is going.


Littered with expletives and misogynistic dialogue, this is not as violence orientated as Ennis’ other work. But a light hearted take on Time Travel nonetheless, with Ennis poking fun at other time travel stories and plot holes therein.

As a result, some fans of Garth Ennis will be left disappointed with his latest work. And let me point out, It is not bad by any means but the storyline is not one that hooks you straight away and leaves you wanting more. The plot is predictable and you wonder whether Ennis is just going through the motions with this. I hope to be proven wrong.


The artwork is thankfully a positive, with Ennis teaming up with his ‘A Walk Through Hell’ artist Goran Sudzuka, and colourist Miroslav Mrva. There is a certain energy to the artwork and it is bright and crisp to match the light-hearted tone of the story. Sudzuka’s art is fun and entertaining and is matched well with Mrva’s excellent colour work. This was certainly a highlight for me as they portray the action in fantastic detail and it certainly helps the flow of the book from page to page.


I had high expectations for this comic but sadly these were not met. Garth Ennis is an industry heavyweight and produced fantastic works such as Preacher and The Boys, to name just a couple. As a result I was maybe presumptuous in thinking that this would be another classic. And had it not been for the artwork I would certainly not have enjoyed this as much as I had expected to. So we are left hoping that the storyline improves in the forthcoming issues.

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