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Review – Mayans MC

Review - Mayans MC

Review – Mayans MC

Directed by: Elgin James & Peter Weller

Written by: Kurt Sutter & Elgin James

Produced by: Kurt Sutter & Elgin James

Starring: JD Pardo, Edward James Olmos & Emilio Rivera

Release Date: 2018 – 2021

I recently decided to go back and re-watch Mayans MC for review from the start in anticipation for the Season 3 finale. Mayans is a spinoff show based in the same universe as Sons of Anarchy, so just as a heads up, because this is a spinoff of SOA, I will be making a lot of comparisons to the OG show throughout my review.

Mayans follows EZ Reyes, a prospect for the Mayans Motorcycle Club. His older brother is a full patch and is responsible for getting him involved with the biker gang. The series takes place a few years after, (SPOILERS FOR SOA,) the death of Jax Teller. EZ is far less involved with his club than Jax was. Due to Jax’s heritage, he was destined to be a part of the SOA, but most of EZ’s problems come from outside the club or from his murky past.

Review - Mayans MC
Fun fact; I was actually on holiday in Mexico when this show first premiered back in late 2018. Although the part I was staying in was a lot nicer than the parts where the biker gangs roam in this show!

In fact, most of the issues that characters deal with in this show come from problems outside the club, whereas the first season of SOA dealt far more with club problems and established the group of men as more of a family unit, much more so than the Mayans. This change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just different and I wonder if it was a conscience change to differentiate the show from SOA or if it was due to the addition of Kurt Sutter’s new writing partner Elgin James.

Review - Mayans MC
Hijos de la Anarquía.

Speaking of the writing, it is as tight here as it ever was in SOA. Kurt Sutter is an absolute genius with a pen, taking the audience from generic biker dialogue one minute to deep family crisis’ and existential questions the next. The one major change is the use of flashbacks in this series. As far as I can recall, although SOA spent a lot of time talking about Jax’s family history, we never actually saw any flashbacks, but Mayans is full of them. This is based around the gimmick of EZ having a photographic memory. Personally, I don’t mind gimmicks like this in writing as long as they are executed well and for the most part, they do serve the story that Mayans is trying to tell.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the first 3 seasons of Mayans and I really hope that the show is renewed for a fourth season, as I would love to see more from this world.

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