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Review – Possessive #3

Review – Possessive #3

Review – Possessive #3

Writer: Adam F. GoldbergHans Rodionoff

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Colourist: Robby Bevard

Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment

Release Date: 20th October 2021

Variant Cover: Riveiro

Review – Possessive #3


36 Pages of Content!

Everything finally seems to be going right for Todd. He is basically living life as Todd 2.0. He’s fixed up his house, he’s coming into his own as an artist, and he has a new ghoulfriend who lives in his attic. What could go wrong? Believe us, Todd is about to find out. And a few literal skeletons in his closets might be the least of his worries.

You’d be crazy to not read (and also maybe to keep reading) this last chapter of the comic that leaps over the bounds and boundaries of comic book storytelling!

Writer: Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff

After last’s month’s sexy time issue where Todd bumped lumps with Kathryn the evil spirit, we have the interesting final issue where Todd might reconcile with his family. How will he deal with exposing his wife and kids to a homicidal ghoul that disembowels all who enter the house?

After trying to let her down gently, and getting thrown through a window onto a car he tries to exorcise her again. At a local synagogue, the Rabbi thinks he found out what she is.. a Dybbuk, a Jewish spirit haunting an object and locked to it.

Will Todd manage to get rid of her and will his wife stop saying fuck in front of the kids?

Goldberg and Rodionoff close off this unique take on the haunted house genre with a stupidly silly but hilarious issue, taking swipes at fills like Exorcist, Entity and Amityville Horror.

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Balancing the line between horror and humour, Garcia manages to make Kathryn more human than Todd, which is some feat seeing as she only has half a face.

Overall Thoughts

You’ll laugh, you’ll scream and you’ll feel a bit sick thinking about the ghost sex but overall this is a welcome inclusion to the already crowded horror marketplace.

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