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Review – Spawn’s Universe #1

Review - Spawn's Universe #1
Spawn’s Universe #1 is written by Todd McFarlane will illustrations by Jim Cheung, Brett Booth, Stephen Segovia & Marcio Takara. Published by Image Comics and released in June, 2021.

Review – Spawn’s Universe #1


Spawn is back with a vengeance! With Omega Spawn vanquished and the dead zones locked, the last remnants of Heaven & Hell on Earth are on the run from Spawn as they race towards the now empty throne of Hell! If a new king is crowned, Hell will go to war with Heaven that is sure to shatter the glass ceiling between good and evil that is Earth. Reluctant as he is to work with others, Spawn will need all the help he can get from all the unlikely allies he encounters.


McFarlane promised the very best from his new team of illustrators for his beloved characters and they have not disappointed, every iteration of Spawn in this comic looks insane. The virtuosic artists have nailed the various incarnations of McFarlane’s Hellspawns, from their settings to their visual character arcs and designs, each one is unique. If there’s a Hellspawn art gallery universe, I want to be there always and forever.

Review - Spawn's Universe #1

Being the linchpin between Heaven & Hell guarantees a blurred sense of morality. Spawn’s resurrection has boosted the action set pieces with a polished and refined intensity, both for the titular protagonist and his otherworldly antagonists. On top of this, the various artists possess a modern flare for the surgical intricacies of brutality and raw emotion.


The dialogue throughout strikes a perfect balance between gritty convolution and humorous charm. Simplistic enough to follow for new readers while remaining extensive in it’s lore to keep it engaging for die-hard fans. Not to mention, in the modern world of excessive universe building, we need more universes with themes of a gothic persuasion.

McFarlane’s narration has that badass nostalgic quality mixed with apocalyptic poetry throughout, you are bound to bounce off of every sentence he writes before you can even begin to fathom Spawn’s Universe but once you do, you’re in for a wicked ride. That being said, if you aren’t familiar with Spawn, McFarlane will bring you up to speed on the history and prowess just through the sheer pride and awesomeness of his commentary for his beloved characters. Like a child playing with his favourite action figures!


In conclusion, Spawn’s Universe #1 is a bleak but fruitful taste of everyone’s favourite Hellspawn and his return to the world of comic books is grandiose with a mighty blaze of biblically proportionate brooding and satirically dark realism.

Review - Spawn's Universe #1

Comparitive to the likes of Watchmen’s Doomsday Clock, Batman’s The Death of The Family and coincidentally, Marvel’s Loki series, the first issue cements itself as an earth-shattering first step into the year of Spawn!

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Spawn’s Universe #1, your favourite incarnation of Spawn and how you’ll be celebrating the year of Spawn!

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