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Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #3

Review – Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow #3

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artwork: Pasqual Ferry & Matt Hollingsworth

Cover Artist: Phil Noto


Available: 9th June 2021


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Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow issue #3 provides a deadly duel with the Sinister Six and an unlikely form of salvation while upping the stakes for Peter Parker and his family. The end hints that the Symbiote’s reign of terror is not yet over, and with only two issues left I can’t wait to see how the creators bring it all to a close.


Zdarsky brings the title backs down to familiar territory in this issue. The Sinister Six with new Brock Ock and JJJ links lure the symbiote strengthened wens-linger to a trap. But after Jamieson in the Spider Slayer suit traps them in a burning barn we get to see the real Peter emerge.

The issue is weaker than the other two as we’re straying back to traditional Spider-Man territory, I’d have rather seen a fully-fledged shadow version wipe the floor with the six and showdown with the FF and Avengers in the final two issues. The use of Kraven to identify the weaknesses and capitalise on them works well even as the Rhino and Electro have their faces ripped off.

Chip seems to be trying to redeem Peter after the last few issues but I’m not sure it works 100% after the horror inflicted by him.


Pasqual Ferry & Matt Hollingsworth do a bang-up job in this issue with psychedelic shades during the Mysterio trap as well as reducing the shadow as Peter comes back from the symbiote’s control. The use of panelling to set the pace and tone of battles and speech is done with great effect.

Overall Thoughts

Personally, I don’t think I wanted this Peter redeemed after what he’s done in the past few issues and a final showdown with heroes versus Shadow Spider would have been better that the symbiote fest were are probably getting. Middle of the road writing but stellar artwork and colouring.

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