Review – Star Trek: The Mirror War #1Comic Reviews 

Review – Star Trek: The Mirror War #1

Review – Star Trek: The Mirror War #1

Review – Star Trek: The Mirror War #1

Writer: David TiptonScott Tipton

Artist: Carlos Nieto

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release Date: 13th October 2021

Variant Cover Artists: Nelson Daniel, Zach Howard, Amanda Madriaga

Issue #1

Return to the Mirror Universe of The Next Generation with this brand-new series from writers David & Scott Tipton, where familiar faces and exciting new surprises await around every corner!
To conquer the Mirror Universe, Captain Picard must first seize control of the ship-building planet of Faundori! The only problem? Faundori is inside Klingon-Cardassian Alliance territory

Writer: David Tipton, Scott Tipton

Following on from issue #0 revelations that Barclay is back and Picard wants the throne of the Emporer this issue explores how Picard ruthlessly deals with those that get in his way. Starting in a Casino he and Data dispatch some criminals to get hold of some cash to upgrade the ship.

Meanwhile, Barclay’s torture by Troi seems to involve lap dances for him while staring at the pain cabinet. Panicked he discloses that in the Mirror Universe he visited a planet with skilled ship engineers and if logic follows this will be the same in this universe.

The Tipton’s have a rich universe and history to deal with and seem to lean comfortably into the pirate vibes that the previous series started. It’s fun, camp and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Artist: Carlos Nieto

The classic artwork and drawing of Nieto work well with the characters and plot. All characters are both similar and different from their prime counterparts. As above there are lots of pirate-style romps and ego massaging.

Overall Thoughts

Resistance is futile, if this is not one of your guilty pleasures you’re missing out on the current Trek-a-thon with this, Discovery Lower Decks, Prodigy, Picard and Strange New Worlds all giving Trekkers the well-rounded universe they have been demanding for over 50 years.

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