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Review – Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Mirror War #0

Review - Star Trek - The Mirror War #0

Review – Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Mirror War #0

Writer: David Tipton, Scott Tipton

Artist: Carlos Nieto

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release Date: September 8, 2021

Variant Covers: Edge

Issue #0

Get caught up with the Mirror Enterprise-D before its crew-helmed by Jean-Luc Picard-faces new threats and challenges in the upcoming Mirror War event!

Following the failure of the attempt to steal ships from the Prime Universe, Picard and the Mirror Crew are called back to Earth to report to the Emperor personally… so long as they can survive the trip! 

Writers: David & Scott Tipton

This issue sets up the upcoming Mirror War that starts in October. In the Mirror-verse Picard leads a raid party on a Cardassian transport ship to steal technology and currency but it’s a trap and the crew manage to escape just before their shuttle is destroyed by some Warbirds.

Back on the ship, Picard is ambushed by a mysterious assailant that wound shim but not before he fights back. This Picard is buffer that Terry Crews and easily breaks the wrists of the assassin. Dr Crusher quickly repairs his wound before he is summoned back to Earth to face the wrath of the Vulcans and the Emporer.

Picard is still annoyed with the actions of Mirror Barclay who mysteriously died in a transporter accident between the Universes. O’Brien is challenged by Le Forge when he finds him repairing the interdimensional viewer..but he gets it working and they find their Barcley on board the Enterprise D taking the place of the other Barclay.

The Tiptons lean into the brutality of the Mirror Universe, taking the character traits of all of the TNG favourites and twisting them into their reverse counterparts. Troi is a sexy dominatrix inquisitor, Riker is a confident pirate and Picard is a greedy and ambitious captain who will stop at nothing to get power. It’s a great pantomime to flip goodies to baddies and Star Trek hit gold in the 60s when they stumbled on this idea. I would have loved to see this as a full TV episode allowing the cast to embrace the camp evilness of this book.

Terry doesn’t like assassins

Artist: Carlos Nieto

Nieto perfectly warps each of the crew into their twisted counterparts but as I’ve said above none looked better than Buff Picard throwing his weight and muscles around the issue. The character acts as our guide in this universe and apes up his egomania to staggering levels.

Terry doesn’t like viewers

Overall Thoughts

Set your faces to stun with this camp, hilarious and overdue return to the Mirror TNG Universe. Buff Picard steals the show with a bang on Terry Crews impersonation. The issue setups the upcoming Mirror War and develops the characters from the last mini-series. In the words of JLP himself…Engage!

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