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Review – Stargirl Spring Break Special #1

Review – Stargirl Spring Break Special #1

Creator, Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Bryan Hitch

Artist, Cover Artist: Todd Nauck

Colourist: Alex Sinclair

Colourist, Cover Artist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Variant Cover Artist: Mike McKone

Publisher: DC Comics

Available: 26th May 2021

Variant Cover


Legendary comics writer Geoff Johns returns to his breakthrough hero, Stargirl, in this special one-shot illustrated by Todd Nauck! Courtney Whitmore’s spring break plans aren’t like your average high schooler’s. Instead of hanging out with friends, she’s heading out on an adventure with her stepfather, Pat Dugan, a.k.a. S.T.R.I.P.E., and teaming up with his former team, the Seven Soldiers of Victory! The Soldiers are forced to reunite again to unearth the secret eighth Soldier of Victory, but what other secrets lie buried, and what does it all mean for Courtney’s future as Stargirl?


Johns could have messed this up throwing Golden Age hero combo like the Seven Soldiers of Victory, with current heroes and villains is normally a recipe for disaster and confusing paradoxes. Johns though knows to keep the issue focussed on his creation Whitmore. she’s full of energy and is used as our guide round the various heroes and villains on display here (and there are a lot)

The actions starts with Green and Red Arrows training until Crimson Avenger teleports them away. Courtney and Pat then join them after a quick ride on S.T.R.I.P.E to Myrtle Beach. The issue uses a conversation between Pat and Courtney as the main plot device, as she asks about the men behind the masks. Pat laments each of the fates of the heroes and as he finishes they are teleported to the main group. Emiko and Courtney are left behind after hearing that kid sidekicks of the Soldiers are cursed but ignore them and follow the group to the battle to save the original Crimson avenger from Clockface.

There’s a bonus story with  prologue feature classic JSA villain Per Degaton with the Clock King with a splash page setting up a new JSA series.


Using Todd Nauck, the original Young Justice artist, to illustrate this one-shot is excellent. His art seamlessly choreographs all the DC characters. There are lots of easter eggs such as the Dark Knight Returns version of Ollie and the different teams are energetic and youthful. You can feel the fun jumping out of his artwork as obviously drawn with love and a smile on his face. There are lots of posters and extra’s that make the issue feel like a good old fashioned summer special.

While the story is a done-in-one, it ends with an intriguing cliff-hanger that promises to lead into an upcoming Stargirl #1. By this creative team? We can hope so. There’s also a teaser for a Johns/Hitch Justice Society book in the end, as well as a surprise gag page by the legendary Fred Hembeck with a where’s Stripsey gag

Overall Thoughts

This feels like a return to form for writer Johns and his early DC work but still hints at the epic long-form writer he is today with the cliffhanger and reset of character stories back to fresher times. As he diversifies his comic output, it’s good to see he still remembers how it began. I don’t normally give such high scores to DC characters but this is a clean 100%.

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If you’ve enjoyed this review of Stargirl Spring Break Special #1 then perhaps you should watch season #1 of it on Amazon Prime and watch out for Season #2 in August 2021. Here’s a trailer for Season #1 if you somehow missed it.

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