Review - Static: Season One #2Comic Reviews 

Review – Static: Season One #2

Review – Static: Season One #2

Story: Vita Ayala

Artist: Chriscross

Cover artist: Khary Randolph

Colour: Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Letterer: Andworld Design

Published: DC Comics

Available: 27th July 2021

Variant Cover: Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Review - Static: Season One #2

Episode 2: Family Meeting

Virgil Hawkins learns that a secret identity is a tricky thing when his high school bully gets upgraded to his super-powered archnemesis! But if he thinks the fires of Hotstreak burn hot, then he definitely isn’t ready for the white-hot anger of his parents, when they learn what he’s brought to their front door…

Story: Vita Ayala

Virgin uses his science experience to quickly ionise the fire that Hotstreak started the last issue. And thankfully out of energy he runs off. Most of the fire damage is superficial and the house is structurally sound, but now Virgil needs to deal with his parents arguing over whether e should get treatment or hide his powers.

The next day Virgil decides to skip school and after a chat with Darius, he’s given access to his secret locker full of experimental technology. But first, he finds out that a bunch of Band Babies have been rounded up.

Ayala uses the metahuman event to quickly trigger a whole universe of superpowered teens without having to dive too deep into each origin story. This focuses us on the real story of how society views those that are different, regardless of whether they are a fire powered bully or a scared demon faced kid. The tech-savvy Virgin further allows him to quickly upgrade his skills with new suits and equipment without long building montages.

Artist: Chriscross

Draper-Ivey and Chriscross make a formidable art team here, ensuring that Virgin is front and centre for almost every page and panel. The solid white eyes of Static when confronting Hotsreak show the anger building within him and the energy they capture as he ionises the explosion makes it a page-turner. The mix of Manga and American artwork appeals to a wider reader base and adds a stylistic finish to the whole book.

Overall Thoughts

A second issue can be hard and there is a bit of a drop in energy here while Ayala tries to cram a few extra plot points into the story, some stick and some don’t. But with a stunning first few pages and a great cliffhanger final page it will keep most of the fanbase coming back for next months issue

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