Review – Static: Season One #3Comic Reviews 

Review – Static: Season One #3

Review – Static: Season One #3

Review – Static: Season One #3

Writer: Vita Ayala

Artist: Chriscross

Cover artist: Khary Randolph

Colour: Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Letterer: Andworld Design

Published: DC Comics

Available: 1st September 2021

Variant Cover: Nikolas Draper-Ivey

Review – Static: Season One #3

Issue #3

The government believes the super-powered teenage “Bang Babies” of Dakota are out of control…and they’re too dangerous to be allowed on the streets! When his classmates start disappearing, Virgil Hawkins wants to do the right thing and expose what’s going on…but is there any way to do so without Static getting snatched up himself?

Writer: Vita Ayala

The issue starts with Stone offering up the Bang Babies so that he can get revenge on Virgil. Meanwhile, Virgil is surrounded by cops in Hardware’s secret storage facility. Thinking quickly, he manages to get out wearing a protective suit. The cops begin shooting without provocation and thankfully Virgil has enough tricks in his bag to evade them.

Back home, he looks through the goodies he managed to take from the locker and he decides to make himself a super-suit out of the materials before being caught by his sister. Outside, he and his father bond over repairing the roof and see a great father-son moment as his father gives him his blessing.

Ayala slows the pace down in this issue building the characters and their motivations. It’s much-needed plot development but feels like the calm before the storm as Heatwave threatens the future of Bang Babies

Artist: Chriscross

Chriscross’ artwork and style bring energy on every panel with crackling static and lightning surging when needed. The slower-paced issue doesn’t feel like a drag due to his energetic style of drawing. The colouring by Draper-Ivey adds the final stylish touches to the issue.

Overall Thoughts

It might mainly be a character and plot development issue but 99% doesn’t switch off readers due to the scripting by Ayala and the artwork Chriscross puts in. The next few issues look like they are about to explode so it’s worth keeping this title in your subscription. Other DC titles, like Fear State, should look to Static to see how to slowly set up without turning off the audience.

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