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Review – Stray Dogs #4

Review - Stray Dogs #4

Review – Stray Dogs #4

Writer: Tony Fleecs

Artist: Trish Forstner

Colourist: Brad Simpson

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: May 2021

Movie Poster Variant Covers: Trish Forstner, Tony Fleecs

Trade Paper Back due out September 2021

Classic Movie Homage Variant Covers: Trish Forstner, Tony Fleecs

Penultimate Issue

Time is running out. Hackles are raised, tensions are high, and nobody’s had a thing to eat. When the Master’s away, the dogs will drag everything awful into the light. And the awful truth is nobody’s coming to set them free.

Writer: Tony Fleecs

Poor Victor, Earl’s betrayal to the Master lead to a fateful BANG! at the end of the last issue. Now we see from Earls’ point of view as a puppy he loved master and enjoyed the treats he have him. As Master sits at the table looking at polaroids of young girls the dogs argue about what happened and most are now on Sophie’s side.

Just then, Master leaves and locks the dogs in without feeding them, Sophie accuses Earl after following him upstairs in the last issue, he denies it and she reminds him that their bad memories are the reason that they need to keep reminding each other.

Old Imogen just stares at the group, but what secrets does she keep? Back outside the full horror of the punishment shed is revealed with a skinned and chopped up Victor hangs from various hooks.

Back inside Earl picks up a familiar scent but as Master returns what will happen when Earl opens the steel cupboard?

Fleecs has cast all myth of the 80s animation aside and we are now in a trapped house of horror tale. Up till this issue, there were hints that no matter how evil Master was at least he cared for the dogs now we find that they are just trophies that remind him of his kills, in more ways than one

Artist: Trish Forstner

It must be heartbreaking for a dog lover like Forstner to draw such disturbing images as the punishment shed and the gun cabinet. The ability to show the depths of Master’s evil are in full view and the bright cartoon colours are now darker, with the house no longer a big play area but a small prison.

Overall Thoughts

The creative team of Forstner and Fleecs finally flip the tale on its head with shocking implications for the final issue. Animal cruelty is for some reason more frowned on than human cruelty by some and this issue shows that either is not acceptable. I’m off to buy issue 5 to find out quickly who makes it out alive.

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