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Review – The Swamp Thing #7

Review – The Swamp Thing #7

Review – The Swamp Thing #7

Written by Ram V

Art by: Mike Perkins

Colourist Mike Spicer

Letters Aditya Bidikar

Published By DC Comics

Available: 8th September 2021

Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina

Review – The Swamp Thing #7

In My Infancy Pt 2

Broken and untethered from the Green, the Swamp Thing is on the run and being hunted by the Suicide Squad, deep in the forests of Kaziranga. Having learned about the true nature of the Green, Levi Kamei knows that if he is to make it out alive and regain his powers, he must choose to embrace the memory of the events that made him the new avatar of the Green—no matter how painful. But time is running out, and Levi must make his choice, as an old nightmare now stalks his steps.

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Writer: Ram V

Peacemaker starts the issue of finding what’s left of Heatwave after Levi fought back in the last issue. Levi stumbles through the forest of Kaziranga with his mind driving him back to the events that triggered his communion with the Green. He remembers arguing with his father in the forest over his plans with Prescott to develop the forest and this leads to further disagreements with his brother.

Trapped by Night Nurse she identifies that Levi’s pain and grief are what the green is tapping into and she offers to help repair the grief and help him return to his life. Levi flashes back again to the fight around the oldest tree in the forest but deciding he knows better than his father he helps push the deal through. His father leads protests against the development leading to a riot and his father being fatally shot.

V is tearing back the layers of scarred psyche here exposing the raw nerve which created the Swamp Thing, it’s an emotionally charged issue but answers many of the questions that we’ve had as readers since issue #1.

Art by: Mike Perkins/Mike Spicer

Perkins and Spicer weave the script into a wonderful colourful drawn tale. Night Nurse’s glowing knives shine through brightly against the swamp, now a rotting barren land caused by the actions of Chemo and Parasite. The Suicide Squad are used as a catalyst for Levi’s journey to find the missing answers and don’t mess up the tale which I was really worried about.

Overall Thoughts

With three issues to go the creative team have finally shown us Levi’s origin and what triggered the link with the green, I already know that I won’t be satisfied with this and will want more issues and tales from V, Perkins and Spicer.

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