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Review – The Swamp Thing #9

Review – The Swamp Thing #9

Written by Ram V

Art by: Mike Perkins

Colourist Mike Spicer

Letters Aditya Bidikar

Published By DC Comics

Available: 3rd November 2021

Variant Cover: E. M. Gist

Review – The Swamp Thing #9

Conduit: Part 1

With the secrets of his past revealed, Levi returns home despairing in the knowledge that his brother Jacob, now the villain Hedera, is the cause of the contagion within the green. But the brothers opposed are only a symptom of a greater rift within the Green itself. Does the world care for its human denizens or are they an infection to be purged?

Writer: Ram V

Jennifer has been taken to the offices of Prescot against her will and Levi reacts to the news by finally embracing his role as an Avatar for the Green. At Prescot, Harper Pilgrim monologues his way through the history of the company’s link to Swamp Thing going back almost 250 years to an English explorer who found the remains of a previous avatar melded with a tree in India. They’ve been using this carcass as a way of developing new medicines but with Levi’s new powers they are keen to strip him of these and take back what they think is theirs.

This issue has an impressive amount of back story and exposition built into just 32 pages but finally answers many of the ten-issue series questions about the shady Prescot and why they sent Taskforce X after him. The Hedera character still feels a bit jumbled but I have a feeling the next issue will see Ram V answering all the questions with an impressive finally before he takes his talents onto Venom in November.

Artwork/Colouring: Mike Perkins/Mike Spicer

Perkins see to have created his signature style with stunning double-page splashes on pages 2 and 3 of this issue. Each one could be defined as a work of art and the use of perspective and layering in this issue’s spread is one of his most impressive to date. The reveal of the Swamp Thing corpse with wires and tendrils coming out is both shocking and stunning at the same time. Spicer’s colouring adds to this and every page with heavy greens and autumnal yellows and oranges keeping the green focus throughout the issue.

Overall Thoughts

This is it, only 30 days to the conclusion to this modern reinvention of the Swamp Thing mythos. The creative team have created a series that will be debated and torn apart over the coming years to explore the layers they have added to the character and its tortured human host.

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