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Review – Vinyl #3

Review - Vinyl #3
Cover Art

Review – Vinyl #3

Writer – Doug Wagner

Artist – Daniel Hillyard

Colourist – Dave Stewart

Letterer – Ed Dukeshire

Publisher – Image Comics

Release Date – 1 September 2021


Serial Killer Walter descends further into the Sunflower Death Cult bunker in his search for FBI Agent Dennis. And his ‘friends’ have split up to do what they do best. But what lies in store the deeper they all travel? And could a shocking development spell trouble for Walter and Dennis?

Issue #3 of a planned 6 part series from Image Comics continues where the first left off. Writer Doug Wagner again pairs up with Artist Daniel Hillyard, his co-creator on the fantastic mini-series PLASTIC. (If you haven’t read this then I suggest picking it up, immediately!). The pair are joined by Eisner Award winning colourist Dave Stewart and Letterer Ed Dukeshire and the team combine to produce one of the comics of the year.


Doug Wagner does it again. He has me hook line and sinker. I am 100% invested in this book and it’s down to Wagner’s fantastic storyline. I was blown away when I first read PLASTIC (also from Image Comics) and he continues to enthral with this book. The protagonist Walter is a character that you can’t help but warm to. And that’s despite the fact that he is a serial killer! Wagner’s portrayal of Walter really is great and we can see him delve further into the complicated psyche of the character. But it’s not only Walter. His supporting cast of like minded serial killer friends each bring their own intrigue and certainly I am interested to learn more about Rennie.


When you have artwork as fantastic as this, you can’t help but just marvel at it. From the level of detail in each panel to the colouring in its gore-tastic glory, it really is sublime. And even the cover art captures you straight away, giving you an insight into the horrors to come. It’s no surprise that Dave Stewart is an Eisner award winning colourist, as his colour work really is something to be celebrated. His use of colouring in the bloody scenes pops right off the page and slaps you round the face with how vivid it is.


If this book hasn’t been on people’s radars, then it should be! Image Comics have been releasing absolute gold this year and this may just pip Time Before Time for my comic of the year. Doug Wagner is a writer who just keeps enthralling with each issue. The storyline is fantastically twisted and is matched with some of the best artwork from Daniel Hillyard, Dave Stewart and Ed Dukeshire. It’s full marks across the board again with this book and I can’t wait for the next issue.

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