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Review – Vinyl #6

Review - Vinyl #6
Cover Art

Review – Vinyl #6

Writer – Doug Wagner

Artist – Daniel Hillyard

Colourist – Dave Stewart

Letterer – Ed Dukeshire

Publisher – Image Comics

Release Date – 24 November 2021


A sunflower death bunker ablaze. Ella Fitzgerald blaring in every room. It’s Walter versus Madeleine.

It’s all come down to this. The series finale. Walter has already rescued Dennis but now he has to finish the job. Expect blood and plenty of it. Doug Wagner presents the final instalment of the fantastic Vinyl series in tremendous fashion. And Daniel Hillyard’s artwork continues to horrify and enthral in equal measure.


Doug Wagner has consistently delivered over the course of this series and the finale is as you expect, brutally brilliant. His storyline has been thoroughly gripping throughout and the finale is no different. Given that Dennis has been rescued, it only remains for Walter and Madeleine to go toe to toe. And what comes next is a veritable Clash of the Titans.


Daniel HIllyard’s artwork is simply amazing. The level of detail from Hillyard that accompanies Walter’s brutality is just sheer perfection. I just find myself poring over each panel and marvelling at the artwork. It’s gory and grotesque and I am here for it. If Hillyard’s artwork is perfection then it is only by the colour palette of Dave Stewart which jumps up off the pages and slaps you round the face. Such is the boldness of his colour use. Simply sublime.


It’s slightly bittersweet to think that this is my final review of this amazing series. I have thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and cannot recommend it enough. The storyline, the characters, the artwork, there is simply no negative that I can call on about this series. As a finale goes, it as good as the first issue in it’s brutal brilliance. My book of the year, hands down. Doug Wagner and Co. I salute you.

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