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Review – Wynd Volume 1

Review - Wynd Volume 1

Review – Wynd Volume 1

Writer: James Tynion IV

Illustrator: Michael Dialynas

Letterer: Aditya Bidikar

Publisher: Boom Studios

Release Date: 11th May 2021

Wynd Volume 1

Wynd Volume 1, is a new fantasy comic book. With great pedigree in writer, James Tynion IV (Batman) and Illustrator Michael Dialynas (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Together they made an award winning combo, with The Woods.

This fantastic, all immersing comic follows the story of Wynd. He is a young lad with magical heritage but must keep it hidden to survive. He lives within the last human stronghold, Pipetown, where being magic is a death sentence. His adoptive mother runs the tavern where Wynd works. Keeping out of sight of the human customers to protect himself, his pointy ears covers by his ruffled, shaggy hair. All he wants is to feel normal and safe. He escapes daily to his lookout crows nest den and spying longingly at the son of the palace gardener.

Review - Wynd Volume 1

The King on his death bed has ordered the Bandaged man to find and kill any magical beings in Pipetown. We discover there is dark magic, which infects humans through earth magic, found in plants. It has the potential to turn them into grotesque and deformed monsters but also reflects who they are already. But we also discover not all magic is as bad as the humans are taught to believe.
We follow Wynd on his epic journey with his adoptive sister and best friend Oakley. A son of the gardener to the Palace, who Wynd is massively crushing on. Finally, he is joined by the Prince of Pipetown. All running away to find the magic folk in Northport. With the hopes of putting an end to the Blood Laws.

Writing, Art and Structure

If you are a fantasy fan then you will love this. There are so many twists and turns. With a story that has it all from love and hope to battling inner demons and outer ones. It’s modern, fun and honest.

Each of the 6 issues are an oversized 40 plus page comic book, aimed at young adults. But as a fully fledged adult, I have to say I loved it too.

The art suits the story well, it’s not pretentious or trying too hard it’s just a really good fit. It is cartoony but beautifully drawn and has a lovely flow. The colouring is also just spot on. From the dark, sad scenes to the bright, garish, milkshake like and almost fluorescent colours of the magical forest creatures.

The story generally flows well, the dialogue is grounded and genuine. I believe it was written in its entirety and cut later to fit the comic book issue sizes. Therefore, sometimes it ends abruptly or right on a cliff hanger. Which though frustrating, is clever as it definitely makes us want to read on.

Whilst the elements of fantasy take us into a world of royalty, magic and adventure. The story draws on elements ever present in our modern, everyday lives. With difficulties to overcome, human nature, falling in love as well as death sadness and fear.

Final Thoughts

It is timely, beautifully and painstakingly written and illustrated, simply a fantastic and immersive story.

I very much enjoyed this comic. It really worked, had a good story and I am excited to see what the next volume will bring.

Let us know your thoughts on Wynd in the comments below. Why not review it for yourself using the star rating system.

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