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Rob Zombie set to direct ‘The Munsters’ film

Initially reported by Murphy’s Multiverse, Master of Horror in metal and movies, Rob Zombie, is set to write and direct a film adaption of the classic American TV sitcom, The Munsters


First released in the 60s, The Munsters follows a different kind of classic family leading a surprisingly peaceful life in their wholesome haunted house. Think Addams Family but in the old-fashioned American sitcom formula; full of life lessons, laughs and lovable characters. A hugely popular show in its day, it has gained a stronger cult following today with its lessons of loving your neighbour no matter how many flaws, claws or fangs they may have, everyone is beautiful in their own way! So, who better to zombify these messages for a modern audience than the God of gore and grimace himself, Rob Zombie


Rob Zombie The Munsters

Despite his fame and infamy for creating such shocking and violent films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, Zombie has been outspoken on his love of classic horror movies as well as the original TV show itself so much so that he has claimed to have watched it “at least 17 times.“. On top of gifting celebrity friends with Munsters merchandise and even covering the theme song with his band, one of his most popular songs Dragula, is a direct tribute to the show itself!

As frightening as his films and on-stage performance may be at first to those unfamiliar with Zombie, the man behind the monster is an inspired fan of movies and TV. Fitting then that he would be in charge of directing a film about inclusion and not judging books by their covers. With Zombie being a passionate fan of the sitcom, I can’t think of anyone better to bring The Munsters to the big screen.

What the final production will conjure up however is anyone’s guess! Whether it be a full-on nostalgic throwback to the 60s comedy with the same heartfelt messages in place or an all-out gore-fest horror to present the sitcom in a new light is in the hands of the No.1 fan. As an artist known for his unique and crowd altering vision, finding a balance between both could be a monumental victory for the film industry.


As with any Zombie flick, the cast is likely to star his rag tag team of Devil’s Rejects as well as classic horror icons. Reports have all but confirmed that wife, Sheri Moon Zombie will star as Lily Munster and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster. Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might recognise Phillips as David Angar the Screamer. Although their roles are unannounced as of yet, it is reported that Dan Roebuck, Jorge Garcia and Richard Brake will also star in the film. 

Most exciting and intriguing of all is the inclusion of Cassandra Peterson, better known as the heartthrob horror hostess, Elvira! As of this moment it’s unclear what her role in the film will be aside from it being a supporting role. Will we see more of Elvira or more of Cassandra herself? 

Rob Zombie The Munsters


In other Zombie news, the band’s 7th studio album The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy is set to drop tomorrow along with the music video for Crow Killer Blues. This is the first LP in over 5 years from the band and it is sure to scratch the Zombie itch!

Rob Zombie The Munsters

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Rob Zombie directing The Munsters movie, your favourite moment from the original series and what you hope to see from Zombie’s adaption!

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