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A Quiet Place Videogame Is In The Works

A Quiet Place Videogame

A videogame adaption of A Quiet Place is on its way. This new title based on the popular recent franchise will be a single-player horror experience and will be published by Saber Interactive. Saber have described their upcoming adaption as, “an original story and gameplay that captures the compelling suspense, emotion and drama.”

This description definitely does line up with what we would expect to see from A Quiet Place videogame, so that is promising. At the time of writing, the specific platforms that the game will be available on have not yet been announced. That said, there is a website for the game that is currently live. Unfortunately, there is not much insight to be garnered from the site other than a logo and the brief explanation of the game stated above, given by Saber.

There is however a vague release window of 2022. Whilst that is far from specific and is of course subject to change, it means that this thing is likely being developed as of right now. It may also mean that a trailer and hopefully a more in-depth look at how this thing will play could be imminent.

It has also been stated that, “more information [on the game] will be shared later this year.” Perhaps this means that we could get a deeper dive into the project at the upcoming Game Awards event in December?

This adaption will also mark Saber Interactive’s first foray into publishing a game from an external development studio. Development of the adaption is being carried out by iLLOGIKA.

The creative director at iLLOGIKA, – Herve Sliwa, – also made a statement regarding this upcoming project saying; “The A Quiet Place video game will let fans experience the tension of the films with a level of immersion they’ve never felt before. We’re excited to work with EP1T0ME and to team up with Saber Interactive to share this unique vision of hope and horror with players everywhere in the future.”

The Canada-based studio iLLOGIKA are best known for aiding in the development of Cuphead and porting Lara Croft GO to multiple platforms. The only original title that iLLOGIKA have released thus far is an action/puzzle game called Subaeria, which released for the PlayStation 4 back in 2018.

What do you make of this news? Are you excited to see what a videogame adaption of A Quiet Place would look like? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section and stay tuned to BGCP for more updates regarding this project.

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