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News – Army Of The Dead Trailer Released

News - Army Of The Dead Trailer Released

The first trailer for Zack Snyder’s latest zombie movie, Army Of The Dead dropped earlier today. The release date was revealed by Snyder himself last weekend to be May 21st. The zombie heist film will be Snyder’s first project post his contributions to the DCEU. The film will be set in Las Vegas and will feature a casino vault heist taking place during the zombie apocalypse.

News - Army Of The Dead Trailer Released

It will debut on Netflix and stars Guardians of the Galaxy star, Dave Bautista. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Snyder said of the film: “It is a full-blown, balls-to-the-wall zombie heist movie. So you expect pure zombie mayhem and you get that, 100 percent, but also you get these really amazing characters on a fantastic journey. It’s going to surprise people that there’s a lot of warmth and real emotion with these characters.” “With Dawn, we made a zombie movie, but tried to do it all the way with all of those tropes of the genre. That was so fun, so I started to think of what were other genres that story didn’t have room for. It’s this tone where you have fun with the genre, but you don’t make fun of the genre, – it’s a fine line.

Dawn of The Dead was a genre fan favourite when it released back in 2004. It was a remake of George A. Romero’s groundbreaking 1978 zombie movie of the same name; which is known for birthing zombie media as we know it. Dawn of the Dead was also the first feature film that Zack Snyder directed.

News - Army Of The Dead Trailer Released

Speaking to the I Minutemen YouTube channel, the director gave more insight into the creative process of making Army of the Dead: “When I made TV commercials, I was the director-cameraman. You know for 12 years and pretty much not every job, but most jobs, I shot myself and I just really enjoy it.” “And really, part of the reason is that you know, the bigger the movies got, the further away you get from the camera. The more infrastructure there is between you and the sort of cinematic experience. You don’t touch the world as closely.” “And so, I just felt like with Army, it was a great opportunity to just get really close to the photography and the actors. Frankly, everyone’s like, ‘how can you shot the movie and direct the movie?’ And I’m like it’s incredibly easy because the actors are like right there and conversation is easy. The pace is easy because I can just work that way. It’s just really nice. It was really one of the best, really most satisfying sort of experiences I’ve had making a movie, as far as that aspect of it goes.” Watching the trailer gave me strong Dead Rising vibes due to the whole tongue-in-cheek attitude, over-the-top approach to fighting zombie hordes, – along with the casino setting of course. The movie also looks remarkably lighter in tone compard to any projects that Snyder has been a part of in years, which is interesting.

See the trailer for the release here and let us know what you think of it in the comments below:

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