Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)Comic Reviews 

Review – Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)

Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)
Review – Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)

Written by Tom Taylor

Illustrated & Coloured by Andy Kubert & Brad Anderson

Published by DC Comics

Released in April, 2021


Batman: The Detective #1 (2021) is written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by Andy Kubert with colouring by Brad Anderson.

After hearing of a plane crash in Lancashire with his blood seemingly splayed across the victims, a melancholious and wanderlusting Bruce Wayne sets a course for England. With the caped crusader perceived as a murderer, the shadows of England are his home now and he’ll need all the help he can get! Luckily Batman has a Knight in shining armour & her new Squire on his side of the chessboard. The question is, who is the opponent? 


First off, Kubert has suited Batman with a cowl and cape that has a striking resemblance to the Knightmare jacket and goggles seen in the Synder films. Perhaps alluding to the timeline and mental state of Batman

Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)

Crucially, the colouring throughout by Anderson is masterfully crafted to build menacing tension on top of warm comfort. Especially as the sky eclipses the terrain and alternates from ghoulish greens to apocalyptic reds and oranges.


Right off the Bat – I’ll let you decide if that pun was intentional or not, we’re blasted with a twist that sets up a cliffhanger…and we’re only 3 pages in! It feels like sitting through a mindbending action film and wanting to know what happens in the next, spoiler alert, you immediately get to find out what happens next!

In the case of a more detective forward approach to fighting crime, Batman’s emotional narrative switches to more of an analytical inner monologue, similar to that of Sherlock Holmes.

That being said, it seems like Batman is once again one move ahead of Moriarti, as well as everyone else. In my opinion, a genuine tale of problem solving and trials would be a welcome approach for the series as it continues. Furthermore, with unfamiliar territory for Gotham’s Dark Knight, a slow and methodical mystery feels authentic here. 

Batman: The Detective #1 (2021)


In conclusion, Batman: The Detective #1 (2021) is an expansive and exciting addition to the lore with plenty to dissect and discover. From the first page I was hooked on the story. Shades of Christopher Nolan’s action and Matt Reeves’ cataclysmic tension and scope.

Notably Frank Miller-esque in its artwork, giving the story that added edge and sense of importance on top of being a refreshing and exciting change of scenery.

Finally, my only hope for the series is that it goes on to defend its title of Batman: “The Detective” with masterminds colliding thoughts as opposed to fists colliding with faces.

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Let us know in the comments your thoughts on Batman: The Detective #1 (2021), your favourite Batman comics and who you’d like to see the caped crusader team up with in the future! Holding out for Sherlock Holmes in a Gotham by Gaslight scenario!

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