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Review – Crime Syndicate #2

Review - Crime Syndicate #2
Crime Syndicate issue 2

Review – Crime Syndicate #2

Art by: Bryan Hitch, Kieran McKeown

Written by: Andy Schmidt

Published by: DC Comics

Available: 9 April 2021


Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s a bloody great purple Starfish… STARRO has arrived on Earth 3 and he/she needs some muscle to bulk up his army!

Following on from the explosive first issue last month the next chapter of a New Deal focuses on Owlman and the battle between Donna Troy (Superwoman) and Clark Kent (Ultraman.) With Ultraman under the control of Starro can Donna match the power of Clark and what is the history of Starro and Themescera?

This is is a fun, irreverent and updated version of the classic Justice League no.1 from way back in 1960!

Review - Crime Syndicate #2
1960s cover 1

The 32 page issue contains both the second chapter of New Deal as well as the untold origin of….The Owlman!


It’s good to see DC having fun again after the doom and gloom of Death Metal and Schmidt is obviously smiling his way through writing this six-issue series. Too often when a classic story is updated it’s done at the expense of the original. This story shows both historical reverence while allowing the Earth 3 “heroes” to have their own take on it.

The story jumps regularly from Gotham to DC and back and does get a little busy but with chaos in the sky, you get a feeling of stress and urgency!

The use of editor boxes to call out previous issues that do not exist is hilarious, I can see some fans trying to google imaginary titles and story lines!

Review - Crime Syndicate #2


I am a fan of Hitch work from the Ultimates at Marvel to JLA and the Authority. He is one of the most recognisable artists in modern comics. His ultrarealistic style, similar to Alex Ross, makes heroes look more human and recognisable. In this issue, he is having loads of fun throwing purple starfish everywhere as well as hamming up Thomas Wayne Jr’s Owlman.

What is the mystery of bodies in the Owl’s Nest and what happened to the Emerald Knight? Will we see a full on battle between Owlman and the new Metahumans that show up towards the end of the issue? I bet my grannies false teeth that we get some stunning battles out of this limited series!

Review - Crime Syndicate #2
The Owl’s Nest

Overall Thoughts

Do not start with issue 2, get down to your local comic shop and get the few remaining copies of issue 1 to get not only the start of the invasion but the untold origin of Ultraman! If you liked BGCP’s Review of Crime Syndicate #2 and tell us in the comments below!

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