Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing #2

Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing
The Swamp Thing Issue 2

Review: Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing Issue 2

Writer: Ram V

Artist: Mike Perkins

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: April 7, 2021

Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing


Following on from the stunning first issue, Dr Levi Kamei is losing control…at the end of issue 1, The Pale Wanderer is accosted by something green. This form is quickly dispatched, dissipating before they can even fight. Levi bursts out of a tree in Central Park realized as the new avatar of the Green!

But the Green thing that comes alive when he sleeps is getting stronger. With the help of Jennifer, he tracks down the horror in the desert but who will win The Pale Wanderer, The Swamp Thing or Dr Levi?

Ram V is knocking out of the park and channelling his inner Alan Moore to take the green into amazing new directions. Think 2018’s Immortal Hulk, this new horror comic takes the rather silly concept of Swamp Thing and brings it right up to date! I demand they release issues three to ten now!!

Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing


Ram V slows this story down to a snail’s pace by ramping up the horror and discomfort focussing only on two locations and seamlessly moving between them without the reader even noticing!

The horror of each transformation and the pain it seems to be inflicting on Levi is uncomfortable. The dreams mask a hidden secret of how the Green got in Levi and I have a feeling the arc will play out amazingly in the next eight issues!

I do wonder if the fire in Kaziranga will mirror parts or themes of the original Swamp Thing origin? If you haven’t picked up issue one yet then drop everything and demand one from your supplier!

Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing


The first five pages of this issue are masterpieces in skin-crawling horror. Perkins forces us to feel every instant or torment from Levi’s point of view. The tendrils that expand and explode from his dreams tear apart the man but what damage is this doing to his soul?

Perkins masterfully weaves between the desert and city and the final pages give a satisfying conclusion to this first mini-arc. The final two pages also draw the title out wider and firmly into other titles in the DC universe

Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing

Overall Thoughts

Stunning, amazing and horrifying! This new take on an old character has learned all the lessons of past rebirths at DC. Bendis, Lee and all the others better sit up and look at how it’s done.

If you are a fan of horror, Swamp Thing or Immortal Hulk this is the story for you! Get yourself up to date quickly before issue three comes out in May! What do you think of our review of Infinite Frontier: The Swamp Thing Issue 2?

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