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Review – Dark Blood #1

Dark Blood #1

Review – Dark Blood #1

Writer: Latoya Morgan

Artist: Walt Barna

Colorist: A.H.G.

Letterer: Andworld Design

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Available: 21st July 2021

Variant Covers: Marco Rudy and Juni Ba

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What if you were given the power to change the course of history?

Alabama, 1955. Avery Aldridge is an ordinary young Black man. A decorated World War II veteran, Avery provides for his wife and daughter.

But wounds of the past have a way of coming back, and Avery Aldridge will soon discover he is anything but ordinary…

After a run-in awakens strange new abilities, Avery’s about to become more powerful than he could have ever dared to dream… in a country and society that never wanted him to have any power.

A bold, evocative genre-bending saga by screenwriter LaToya Morgan (AMC’s The Walking Dead, Into The Badlands) and rising star artist Walt Barna (The Osiris Path) perfect for fans of Department of Truth and Bitter Root!

Writer: Latoya Morgan

Morgan sets the tone of the comic within two clear pages, with minimal narration or speech we see Avery being followed down an alley by a trench-coated white man and we know already something is very wrong. The year is 1955 and the state is Alabama so within a few panels we find out that war hero Avery is not welcome at home and Southern Racism is on show. The racist is shocked when Avery pushes back and warns off the racist, but ignoring the warning the man tries to shoot Avery. To his shock, Avery is able to use some form of power to block the bullets.

Flashbacks to the war ten years early sees pilot Avery losing control of his plane and also suffering a catastrophic failure of his parachute. above him, a mysterious yellow cloud explodes with lightning.

Artist: Walt Barna

The art of Barna is critical to the success of this issue, with the limited dialogue and narration the artwork is elevated to a much higher level. The fear etched on Avery as he walks and runs away during the issue show unique characterisation and the moment that his fear turns to controlled wrath sent shivers down my spine.

Overall Thoughts

The story is fast-paced and uses well-known issues and imagery to set the scene allowing a fast plot and character development. the racism is both confusing and out of nowhere. This accurate portrayal helps underline what will be an interesting book.

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