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Review – AoD: Ash in Space!

Review - AoD: Ash in Space!

Review – AoD: Ash in Space!

Cover: Gabriel Hardman
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art: Larry Watts
Publication Date: August 2015
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 168 Pages
ON SALE DATE: August 12, 2020


When Ian at BGCP asked me to review Army of Darkness: Ash in Space I almost bit his hand off and swallowed his soul! Since the Sam Raimi films of the 1980s I’ve had a soft spot for the big idiot and I’ve read a few of the Ash comics over the years!

So, let’s jump in, buckle up, turn up the rock music and stop the yammerin’! The story starts with the Ash waking up after the end of the Army of Darkness movie looking for a way to get the Necronomicon to get him back to his beloved Sharon. The usual shenanigans happen and Ash is hurtled through a time vortex with the dreaded book just as a shuttle is launching into space.

With gore, guts, puns and misogyny aplenty this is a fun easy 1 hour read (even at 168 pages!) The book is a little formulaic but to fair so are the TV and Movies in the genre!

Review - AoD: Ash in Space!
Hellooo Beautiful!


This is a rated teen+ so probably not one for the younger audience out there. There are outdated views on women, scenes of extreme gore and violence as well as profanity. If you still want to read this it’s a by the numbers. However, the book is hilarious taking most of the known pastiches within the movie and giving them a new SCIFI twist!

You want the Hhhhuuuuuaaaaaahhh spinning tunnel..? Now it’s in the space station!

Ash needs to cut of his hand when it gets a computer virus? Yeah, baby!!

Ash’s evil twin! Upgrade with technology!

The story is has a good enough twist on the original to keep you reading. really liked the digital versions of the deadites and the McGuffin is as silly as usual! Cullen knows his audience with this and as a stand-alone novel you don’t need much knowledge of either the previous three books or the movies.

Review - AoD: Ash in Space!
Killer Upgrade!


Watts is very faithful to the pallet from the movies and TV show here. the gore splashes out from the pages into the margins and beyond. The cyborg versions of evil Ash as well as the nod to Aliens and other movies are clear throughout. Colour and ink a vibrant and the artist loves filling full or half pages with demon splattered action.

There TPB has a look of extra goodies from variant covers to pencil and script excerpts. For a fan these are gold dust and are not just fillers for the end of the book!

Review - AoD: Ash in Space!
Get away from him….you Bitch!!!

Overall Thoughts

I love, love, loved it! This book brightened up my life as I had just finished the Ash Vs series on Netflix! The script and story may not be exactly new but are very faithful to Raimi’s movies. The new spin on known tropes such as cutting off Ash’s hand are given a fresh life and as usual we end on a great cliffanger!

Get some sugar from you baby, strap on your boomstick and clear a path through the deadites down to your local comic shop! If you’re still isolating them google where you can buy it!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this collection. If you enjoyed our Review of AoD: Ash in Space! then let us know below or leave a rating.

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