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Review – Ashes, Ashes #1

Review - Ashes, Ashes #1

Review – Ashes, Ashes #1

Written by: JD Morvan

Based on: Ravange by Rene Barjavel

Illustrated by: Rey Macutay and Walter

Published by: Magnetic Press

Available: 21st July 2021

Issue 1 Synopsis

An apocalyptic vision of the future and the past…
In a post-Apocalyptic future, all traces of technology have seemingly disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Two surviving bands face off against each other in tribal combat, while the Patriarch of the larger clan plans his attack to destroy the “infernal machine” designed by his opponent. Because he remembers how technology made humanity weak, and how it almost wiped us out 100 years before…

Writer: JD Morgan

150 years in the future a feudal society is living in a world without technology, but seem to have returned to barbarism and petty squabbles. A town under siege looks to The Patriarch a 149-year-old man who has led and kept them together through the walls of the two and end the fight. Leaping over barricades Francois steals towards the enemy and after wiping out countless men he stands against The Blacksmith of Mont Ventoux, his old friend Albert a man resplendent in a modern suit of armour..forbidden technology.

Flashing back to 2052 a young Francois is waiting for a train, but how does he go from agricultural student to the ruler of the future?

Artwork: Rey Macutay and Walter

Macutay and Walter set the scene from page one, panel one. A panning shot pulls out from a blade of grass poking through the snow, as the image widens blood-soaked warriors lay in the battlefield as we finally pan up and over the town of Mont Ventoux surrounded by hundreds of men on each side.

The crazed battle run by the Patriarch is another example of top-shelf artwork as he explodes forwards up the ladders on the City wall taking out soldiers as he runs upwards towards Albert. The reader’s point of view changes as we follow the descent of the soldier. As something is about to happen to Francis, we get a close upon his face and it is used very effectively to fully engage with the character within a few pages.

The grimy dirty tones use in the future scenes balance with the bright, colourful France of 2052.

Overall Thoughts

Based on the 1943 novel Ravange by Rene Barjavel, this might have looked dated or out of its time, but the story of a society without technology is as pertinent today as it was 60 years ago. Has man become so reliant that if it all stopped most of us would die? Barjavel’s and Morvan seek to answer that question while wrapping an excellent comic around it.

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