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Review – Batman: Reptilian #3

Review – Batman: Reptilian #3

Review – Batman: Reptilian #3

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Liam Sharp

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 24th August 2021

Variant Covers: Cully Hamner & Mitch Gerads

Issue #3

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It got the Riddler. It got the Penguin. It got Deadshot, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, Tweedledee, and Tweedledum. It has left carnage in its wake as it moves through Gotham’s villainous underworld, and Batman finds himself vexed by one very important question: Just what on Earth is it? Now the Dark Knight’s search for clues has him tracking The Joker. But wouldn’t it be funny if the mysterious creature stalking Gotham got to the Clown Prince of Crime first?

Writer: Garth Ennis

The issue starts with Batman and Alfred going through who is left from his villains and could be behind the carnage and mayhem that is gripping the underworld. Alfred quips that most of the victims are either henchmen or full-blown villains that Batman has previously put in the hospital himself. This could be a further hint that Batman is behind the attacks, not Killer Croc or Joker the only two villains left.

Later that night, Batman hears a police radio call that Joker has taken hostages at a museum and realises that he’s putting a target on his back by doing it. Joker is worried that Batman is behind the attacks as it is taking out all his enemies so asks for Batman to meet him and agree to go back to “the old rules” method of crime-fighting.

Ennis’s dark and gritty tale starts to show some cracks in this issue as the exchange between Batman and Joker show that it can’t be Bruce behind it. This blunt and clod Batman is as ruthless as the Punisher and it’s easy to see why many fans are turned off but to be honest if you’re as messed up as Billionaire Batman you’d be based cold as this version.

Artist: Liam Sharp

Sharp’s painted artwork is both shocking and stunning at the same time. The ugliness of all the characters shines through, even in Batman and Alfred. The only criticism is the “Blue Meanie” look that he’s given the Joker with exaggerated lips and red streaks of lipstick extending beyond him.

Overall Thoughs

Well, I’m too invested now in the series to blackout and it’s been fun watching the antagonist tearing up the various villains and henchmen. This sociopathic Batman, Ennis has created, is far more terrifying than the pantomime “Batman Who Laughs” and takes no prisoners.

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