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Review – Batman: Reptilian #4

Review – Batman: Reptilian #4

Review – Batman: Reptilian #4

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: Liam Sharp

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 28th Sept 2021

Variant Covers: Cully Hamner & Declan Shalvey

4 – The Birds and the Bees

The monster—revealed! Trailing behind the mysterious reptilian menace savaging Gotham, Batman hits the streets hard searching for answers but finds only more questions. The Dark Knight takes his search beneath the streets and into the sewers to seek out Killer Croc. But when he finds the reptilian rogue, he quickly realizes that this may be the strangest case of his career.

Writer: Garth Ennis

OK, we’ve jumped the Croc in this issue…It starts with Batman following a trail of skulls and bones deep into Gotham Sewers where he finds Killer Croc attached to a wall of flesh. KC is wasting away and Batman breaks the bad news to him he’s a father…and a mother to a bouncy baby monster.

It seems that an alien crash in the 1970s has been hidden by the government and the remnants of that crash leaked into the food chain, mutating plants and animals into horrific mutations. Waylon’s past has always been shrouded by finding you’re the apex mutation of a human and an alien and that you’ve made yourself pregnant is Batshit crazy.

Worse, while pregnant he belched his pheromones over all of Gotham’s villains causing the baby to “eat” them when they turned out not to be its mummy daddy.

I have no idea what Ennis smoked when he came up with this but it’s powerful whatever it was. His tongue must have been come through his cheek and been jutting out his face. It’s good to see the comic finally adding humour, it may be dark, twisted humour nut it’s there and Batman is almost sniggering his way through explaining to a very confused Croc.

Artist: Liam Sharp

Sharp’s work on this issue must have taken him weeks to hand paint. The disgusting flesh sac oozing pus into Killer Croc will turn most stomachs and we’re only on page 4. The “baby” reveal was hilarious and as with Ennis, it’s good to see the comic leaning into its ludicrous plot and going with the flow.

Overall Thoughts

Do not take any drugs (legal or otherwise) before reading this comic. The effect on an induced brain could be permanent due to the extremely weird and bonkers storyline. After three dark and twisted issues, the humour is deep, dark and disturbed… just the way I like it.

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