Review – Chicken Devil #3

Review – Chicken Devil #3

Review – Chicken Devil #3

Writer: Brian Buccellato

Artist: Hayden Sherman

Lettering: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Release Date: December 2021

3. Give The Chicken His Due

The walls close in around the world’s newest (and perhaps only) chicken-inspired vigilante as the Russian mob turns up the heat. But that’s cool because Mitchell Moss (thinks he) has nothing to lose. He may be a flightless bird in a devil suit, but he still has a surprise up his wing. Beware the ball pit of DEATH!


Mitchell starts the issue by hiding out in the Motel room that his partner was just killed in, but perhaps hiding in plain sight in a chicken costume wasn’t the brightest idea! Trapped in a car and on the way to get tortured Mitchell finally snaps and overpowers the driver in the car. Next, he assumes the dead driver’s identity on a call with the mob boss, Luka, and finds out where the gang will be holding a party and sets up a little (or big) surprise for them in the foam ball pit of a trampolining centre.

Buccellato’s unlikely protagonist goes through a gear change in this issue finally pushing back and leaning into his darker personality traits to take on the mob and Luka. The script is funny, shocking and puntastic. The final pages sets up issue #4 with a 360 on his story to date.

Artist: Hayden Sherman

Sherman’s anarchic artwork provides a perfect template for Buccellato’s script with the scenes in the car (pages 6-8) and the chaotic ball pit pages making it look easy. Otsmane-Elhaou finishes the pages with crazy lettering and bubbles that make the whole bizarre title a delight to read. The cartoon hint arrows ( Mitchell Hiding) add another layer to this crammed series.

Overall Thoughts

This is an issue where the plot chickens! Mitchell transforms into the Chicken Devil complete with kevlar armour and allows his darkest thoughts to drive him forward. Anyway enough talking if you’ve not picked up issues 1-3 by now then you’ll be kicking yourself when this completes in a few issues. Buccellato’s secret blend of humour and violence should be locked in a vault as it tastes amazing!

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