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Review – Children Of The Atom #1

Review – Children Of The Atom #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Vita Ayala

Artwork: Bernard Chang

Cover: R.B. Silva

Colours: Marcelo Maiolo

Release Date: March 2021


This new title opens with Helle’s Belles who are mid robbery in New York. The Belles are confronted by a team of young heroes Cyclops-Lass (Buddy), Daycrawler (Jay), Gimmick (Carmen), Marvel Guy (Benny), Cherub (Gabe)… The Children of the Atom! The names may be cheesy but no worse than other mutants.

The costumes, names and poses are a nod to the classic X-Men, and you are instantly excited and intrigued about who and where they have come from. The Belles are quickly overcome with a little clumsy teamwork and jokes from Daywalker. While leaving the villains tied up for the authorities the team are greeted by Pixie, Magma and Maggott who ask why they have not gone to Krakoa. Offering flimsy excuses, the team bamf away. By the end of the issue, both the Children and I were left with a question though…

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The story and writing feel safe starting and ending on high energy. There is a drag during the middle of the issue with a little too much dialogue which put me off slightly. The pool table and basketball scenes are too long but Vita is doing a great job keeping the title ticking along at a good pace. The Mutants Unmuted pages are good for new readers to give background and springboard into other titles or issues.


The artwork is energetic, keeping with the tone and pallet of previous X-Men titles. Bright colours and careful homage to classic 90s costumes give a good nod to give a “Teen Titans” vibe. I personally did not like the four pages of uniform nine-panel conversation in the middle. However, the full-page action splashes are amazingly well drawn and catch your eye. Using large panel images towards the end worked to draw me in. There are some great variant covers available with the secret original team and Skottie young ones catching my eye.

Overall thoughts

This first issue was good, beautifully written and if you are comfortable with the X-titles in the past few years since Moira McTaggart’s House and Powers of X books this is for you! I did struggle in the middle and felt Vida could have either removed or tightened the school gym scene, but it didn’t stop me from reading. The last four pages have made me add this to my subscription list!

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