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Review – My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic #95

Review - My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic #95

Review – My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic #95

Publisher – IDW Publishing

Writer – Thom Zahler

Art – Toni Kuusisto

Colourist – Heather Breckel

Letterer -Neil Uyetake

Release Date – March 2021

No Adults Allowed?

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is based on the TV show by the same name which ran from 2010-2019. It has been published monthly since November 2012. The events that occur in the TV show are not ignored, the comic follows a different story and is now a continuation of where the series finished. Although aimed at younger children it has developed an older fan base. The writing in the comic shows that they are aware of their fan base and try to cater for all. This comic is wholesome in its message with structured thought-out stories. The characters also have strong development throughout the series. It is a welcomed change from the original where the ponies defeated the villain by having a tea party, the characters are more complex than the original all having their own voice and their own struggles to overcome in a child friendly way.

Previously on My Little Pony

Issue #95 is the second part of a two-part story. In issue #94 Princess Twilight Sparkle is frantically trying to prepare for the first ‘Festival of Two Sisters’ since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna retired. While others are getting ready for the festival Twilight leaves the planning to Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. They are both very eager to share all their party plans but are tip toeing round what they really want to say to each other. During their walk round Canterlot they discover a sinkhole that leads to the caves under the town. While exploring the caves coming up with exciting ideas for parts of the festival to take place down there, when they accidentally stumble into a patch of moss. There are many moments Pinkie almost tells Cheese how she is feeling, she finally builds up the courage when everything and everyone goes soundless.

Its still the best medicine…

In this issue we begin were with Canterlot in soundless panic. Twilight is explaining what has caused the town to be soundless through a whiteboard. The moss is magical and absorbs sounds, while multiplying after being exposed to sun and water. Twilight has no idea how to stop the moss. She gets her friends to distract all the chaos happening in Canterlot while she researches more to find a solution. Cheese is feeling guilty and responsible for the moss being disturbed, Pinkie tries her best to cheer him up by playing around. Through this they discover the solution to shrinking the moss…laughter of course. They set up a comedy show to get rid of the moss. Twilight invites the whole town and they officially begin the ‘Festival of Two Sisters’. Pinkie and Cheese still with so much to say to each other go off for a walk after Twilight’s speech.

My Little Pony

Our Review

The story in this issue feels true to the franchise. It has clean humour and an innocent positive message without feeling like you are reading a children’s story. There is attention to detail in every aspect of this comic. The artwork and colouring are fantastic especially when the town is in silence and the story is being told through complete pictures with selected sound effects and word balloons. There is a slight contrast in colouring when the town is in panic to when they find the solution. As well as the main story there is other mini stories happening that intertwine perfectly into the main story. The lettering is well placed, the sound effects and word balloons have a purpose and the dialogue used near the end feels true to the characters. I enjoyed getting to review this My Little Pony comic and it has led to me falling in love with My Little Pony all over again.

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